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December 2018

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COVER STORY: Tired of chasing consultants?

FEATURE: This year’s big stroke headlines

ANALYSIS: Do you always need to treat high blood pressures?

Q&A: Disaster planning: Why aren’t hospitalists at the table?

WHAT WORKS: Peer coaching and bedside communications

BY THE NUMBERS: Still reporting consult codes?

POLL: A look at hospitalist work hours

NEWS BRIEFS: #ThisIsOurLane: Doctors push back against the NRA

FROM THE EDITOR: Making better connections

November 2018

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COVER STORY: What’s in your incentive plan?

FEATURE: Bridging the divide between the hospital and primary care

Q&A: Does that patient really need to be admitted?

BY THE NUMBERS: Hidden benefit

WHAT WORKS: Getting virtual care off the ground

COMMENTARY: “Doctor, I am just double-checking … ”

PROGRESS NOTES: Reality check

NEWS BRIEFS: 2017: the worst flu year in decades

Letters: Readers weigh in VTE prophylaxis, critical care

PRACTICE CLOSEUPS: Practice directory

FROM THE EDITOR: Your compensation, our anniversary

October 2018

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COVER STORY: Cutting back on unnecessary telemetry

Q&A: Who owns what in patient metrics?

BY THE NUMBERS: Patient staying past discharge? How to bill

WHAT WORKS: How to streamline discharges

PROFILE: Keeping your heart in medicine

PROGRESS NOTES: A capital idea

POLL: What nonclinical duties do you perform?

NEWS BRIEFS: #MeToo in medicine

FROM THE EDITOR: Telemetry: Breaking up is hard to do

September 2018

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COVER STORY: How are you connecting?

FEATURE: What’s the evidence? Weak at best

ANALYSIS: The (many) problems with transfers

 BY THE NUMBERS: Going berserk

WHAT WORKS: How to avoid overtesting for C. diff

POLL: A look at patient encounters

BRIEFS: The latest on the compensation gender gap

FROM THE EDITOR: Secure texting: Are you in?

August 2018

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COVER STORY: Hospital at home

FEATURE: Island medicine

Q&A: Time to scale back VTE prophylaxis?

BY THE NUMBERS: Billing ED services

WHAT WORKS: Helping faculty get better at what they love

PROGRESS NOTES: Burnout and its solutions

POLL: Are you happy?

NEWS BRIEFS: Errors increase with burnout, fatigue

FROM THE EDITOR: Payment changes on the horizon?

July 2018

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COVER STORY: No one taking your calls?

FEATURE: Recruiting: It’s everyone’s job No. 1

FEATURE: Immunotherapy: What side effects can you expect?

COMMENTARY: Physician suicide: Going beyond wellness

Q&A: SNF bouncebacks: Which patients are high risk?

WHAT WORKS: Diving into QI? Nail down a template first

POLL: NPs/PAs in hospital medicine

NEWS BRIEFS: Readmissions and obs stays

LETTERS: UTIs and hallucinations

FROM THE EDITOR: Crisis in critical care

June 2018

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COVER STORY: How do group leaders divide their time?

FEATURE: Periop meds: What should you hold?

ANALYSIS: Readmissions and resource-strapped patients

BY THE NUMBERS: Cutting down

WHAT WORKS: A big tent helps cut infection rates

COMMENTARY: Quality of life and the EMR

POLL: A look at specialist support and comanagement

PROGRESS NOTES: Hospitals by the numbers

CLOSEUP: Sound Physicians

FROM THE EDITOR: Protected time? Everyone wins

May 2018

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COVER STORY: Is there a scribe in your future?

FEATURE: Physician advisors: not just for retirees anymore

Q&A: Treating opioid use disorder in the hospital

BY THE NUMBERS: Switching inpatient to obs: How do you bill?

WHAT WORKS: Transitional care clinic delivers fewer readmissions

ON THE WARDS: “Routine” cases that aren’t so routine

COMMENTARY: Coping with grief and guilt

POLL: A look at hospitalist pay raises

NEWS BRIEFS: New inpatient opioid prescribing recommendations

LETTERS: More on per diem, pay gap

FROM THE EDITOR: My personal scribe tour

April 2018

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COVER STORY: Success with unit-based care

FEATURE: Perioperative debates

FEATURE: Neurology exam: a three-minute screen

Q&A: Hospitalists: de facto intensivists

BY THE NUMBERS: Mix madness

WHAT WORKS: Home hospital cuts treatment costs in half

COMMENTARY: “Surgeguards”


POLL: A look at hospitalist career plans

FROM THE EDITOR: Geographic-ish

March 2018

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COVER STORY: Per diem work: Is the grass really greener?

FEATURE: The five most common errors in the ICU

ANALYSIS: SEP-1: Does it improve sepsis care?

WHAT WORKS: When nutrition is the best medicine

COMMENTARY: Over-sharing

PROFILE: Putting doctors (and their stories) center stage

POLL: The gender gap

NEWS BRIEFS: New guidelines extend time frame for thrombectomy

FROM THE EDITOR: Per diem doctors: a fact of hospital medicine

February 2018

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COVER STORY: In a standoff with the ED over admission decisions?

NEWS: Ready to charge into BPCI Advanced? Not so fast

Q&A: Work hours with kids

ON THE WARDS: When the lawyers come for you

BY THE NUMBER: The accidental psychiatrist

WHAT WORKS: Over-diagnosing MIs? Low-key feedback can help

POLL: A look at hospitalist group size

FROM THE EDITOR: Dilemmas in admission decisions

January 2018

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COVER STORY: Observation care: Is it still stressing you (and your patients) out?

Q&A: Turn it up!

WHAT WORKS: How to keep nocturnists happy

BY THE NUMBERS: Billing observation: initial care and consults

FROM THE EDITOR: How’s observation care working out?