2010 Issues

2010 Issues

December 2010


COVER STORY: Is the hot job market cooling off?


CLINICAL: This year’s crop of great studies

BLOG: Our (uphill) road to success

BLOG: Health care a moral hazard

BLOG: 2010: the year it all changed 

CLINICAL: Winning the war on C. diff

ANALYSIS: Patient satisfaction and the code-status “talk” 

MARKETPLACE: Off-the-shelf scheduling

PROFILE: What gets treated in Vegas … 

ON THE WARDS: New hospitalists and the “parent trap” 

NEWS BRIEFS: Adverse events in Medicare patients 

FROM THE EDITOR: The year in review 

November 2010


COVER STORY: Productivity: Are you keeping pace?

FEATURE: On the road

FEATURE: Steering clear of malpractice trouble

FEATURE: How to stop heart failure patients from bouncing back

COMANAGEMENT: A solution for medication reconciliation

ANALYSIS: Coming soon: mandatory flu vaccination?

Q&A: Billing for prolonged services

ON THE WARDS: How much is that bed on the ward?

PROFILE; Hospital medicine’s sickest flow

BLOG: Daily census: How many is too many?

PROFILE: Hospital medicine’s sickest flow

CAREER: Galapagos General

MARKETPLACE; Taking a critical look at the evidence

POLL: The gender gap in compensation

NEWS BRIEFS: Dabigatran receives FDA approval

LETTERS: More on serving as an expert witness

FROM THE EDITOR: How hard are you working, and what are you getting paid?

October 2010


COVER STORY: Growing pains?

FEATURE: Neurosurgery: the last comanagement frontier

FEATURE: What’s happening with hospitalist compensation?

CLINICAL: IV insulin on the floor: not so scary after all

CLINICAL: Putting catheters on a clock

WHAT WORKS: How to end the handoff free-for-all

CODING: How hospitalists can bill for consults and admissions

ANALYSIS: A day in the life

PROFILE: The battle begins

POLL: A look at comanagement and critical care

BLOG: A day in my life

BLOG: “The Real Hospitalists of New Jersey”

BLOG: When is the time right for around-the-clock coverage?

BLOG: Dejà vu day

BLOG: Have you hugged a subspecialist today?

LETTERS: More on survey data

FROM THE EDITOR: Comanagement: a constant in hospital medicine