March/April 2023

HOW DID HOSPITALISTS do when it came to getting pandemic bonuses? Data from the 2022 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career Survey show that just under one-quarter of hospitalists—21%—received one of these bonuses, and that the average amount was under $8,000. Here’s...

Patient Safety

Should you board patients in inpatient hallways?

March 2023
In 2008, an American College of Emergency Physicians task force released a report on high-impact solutions to ED boarding. Item No. 1 on the solutions...


A look at career satisfaction levels among hospitalists

March 2023
LOOK AT THE TOP-LEVEL statistics for job satisfaction among hospitalists, and the numbers don't look so bad. A huge majority—82%, to be precise—reported in...

Infectious Disease

Check back often as we continue to post timely updates on COVID-19.  Learning from Covid: How one health system reduced the use of daily tests for covid inpatients March 25, 2023 What will change in health care as the pandemic winds down? With...


“Diagnostic stewardship” prevents unneeded antibiotic prescribing

January 2023
"DIAGNOSTIC STEWARDSHIP" may be a term that many hospitalists aren't familiar with. But according to Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc, director of hospital medicine research...


Discharge Rounds Redesigned: Read the entire January/February 2023 issue of Today’s Hospitalist here.

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News Briefs

Is hospital medicine a brain drain from primary care?

July 2022
Is hospital medicine a brain drain from primary care? IT MAY NOT BE breaking news, but the embrace of hospital medicine by young internists suggests...

Patient Flow


Is your ED snarled with boarders?

March 2023
FOR YEARS, emergency physicians have complained about patients being boarded in the ED, waiting hours or days for a transfer or an inpatient bed....



Unmasking shame in medicine

March 2023
EMILY SILVERMAN, MD, is having a moment, one that's been years in the making. In 2016, she founded The Nocturnists to host clinicians telling live...



The new year brings a shakeup in inpatient E/M codes

January 2023
FOR MORE THAN 20 years, hospitalists have gotten very comfortable with a core set of inpatient and observation evaluation and management (E/M) codes. But...