Hospital at home: Impact on hospitalists, regulations

AS HOSPITALS BUILD out hospital at home programs, what can hospitalists expect? "Your EHR is going to change a bit, and you're going to start...

How to get hospital at home up to scale

ONE BIG SILVER lining that came out of the pandemic is that Medicare now pays for delivering hospital services to patients in their homes....


Patient Safety

Hospital at home: Which patients are eligible?

November 2023
WHEN THE MAYO CLINIC started its home hospital program several years ago, it focused on hospitalists' bread-and-butter conditions like CHF, COPD and pneumonia. But...



A look at average shift lengths for hospitalists

October 2023
WHAT'S A TYPICAL shift length for hospitalists? According to data from the 2023 Today's Hospitalist Compensation & Career Survey, the average shift length for...
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On-line Only

Check back often as we continue to post timely updates on COVID-19.  Tackling the pandemic unexpectedly boosted many hospitalists’ careers. Read: Women hospitalists and the pandemic and learn about their struggles, opportunities and achievements. November 28, 2023 In early March 2020, Dhaval Desai, MD,...

Past Issues

Clinical work


Treating stroke: this year’s headlines

November 2023
WHEN IT COMES to advances in managing stroke in the hospital, it's been a pretty impressive couple of years. That's according to S. Andrew...

Covid News Updates

October 2023

Quality improvement

Hospitalist length of stay: a measure past its time

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS abound in health care: denial rates, collection percentages, average case mix index and many more. One of the most common metrics...

News Briefs

What are health systems doing to attract and retain nurses?

July 2023
What are health systems doing to attract and retain nurses? IN A NEW SURVEY of health system executives, more than 90% admitted that their nursing shortage...

Patient Flow


Do early discharges boost throughput?

May 2023
IT'S BECOME THE GO-TO TACTIC in many hospitals to try to speed up throughput: having hospitalists prioritize early discharges to clear out beds. Morning...



Covid memoir: burning out on the frontlines

November 2023
IN EARLY MARCH 2020, Dhaval Desai, MD, returned to work from a 10-day paternity leave to find a transformed practice. The director of a...



How’s it going with the new E/M inpatient coding changes?

July 2023
LANDMARK REFORMS in inpatient evaluation and management (E/M) CPT codes took effect at the beginning of this year, the biggest changes in hospital coding...