How comfortable are you giving nurses feedback?

WHILE SHERYL WILLIAMS, MD, medical director of quality at BSA Hospital in Amarillo, Texas, is thrilled that her health system was able to hire...

July/August 2023

HOSPITALISTS THIS YEAR are reporting a slight drop in their average patient encounters per shift, but the decline is so small that it may not be statistically significant. This year's Today's Hospitalist survey found that all hospitalists who treat adults...
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Patient Safety


How a medical journal navigates the mask wars

May 2023
THE MASK WARS continued to rage on in the pages of Annals of Internal Medicine this week, with the journal publishing a new editorial...



How does working more shifts affect hospitalist pay?

September 2023
HOW MUCH OF AN IMPACT does working more shifts per month have on hospitalist pay? According to our 2023 survey data, putting in more...

Infectious Disease

Check back often as we continue to post timely updates on COVID-19.  Tackling the pandemic unexpectedly boosted many hospitalists’ careers. Read: Women hospitalists and the pandemic and learn about their struggles, opportunities and achievements. September 15, 2023 Rising covid hospitalizations, looming tripledemic signs...


“Diagnostic stewardship” prevents unneeded antibiotic prescribing

January 2023
"DIAGNOSTIC STEWARDSHIP" may be a term that many hospitalists aren't familiar with. But according to Valerie Vaughn, MD, MSc, director of hospital medicine research...


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What are health systems doing to attract and retain nurses?

July 2023
What are health systems doing to attract and retain nurses? IN A NEW SURVEY of health system executives, more than 90% admitted that their nursing shortage...

Patient Flow


Do early discharges boost throughput?

May 2023
IT'S BECOME THE GO-TO TACTIC in many hospitals to try to speed up throughput: having hospitalists prioritize early discharges to clear out beds. Morning...



Sacrifices female physicians make to have children

August 2023
A NEW STUDY that looks at how female physicians juggle having and raising children while maintaining their careers found that two-thirds delayed starting a...



How’s it going with the new E/M inpatient coding changes?

July 2023
LANDMARK REFORMS in inpatient evaluation and management (E/M) CPT codes took effect at the beginning of this year, the biggest changes in hospital coding...