Online Exclusive - Sepsis Update

AT THE BEGINNING of her sepsis update at this year's Society of Hospital Medicine conference, intensivist Patricia Kritek, MD, EdM, threw up what she called "the obligatory slide" on the high costs of sepsis in the U.S. The disease...


coding documentation

Steer clear of copy and paste

Published in the June 2019 issue of Today's Hospitalist I HAVE SEVERAL QUESTIONS from readers this month, including one on all-too-common documentation practices that can...

Patient flow


What do bonuses and incentives for hospitalists look like?

August 2019
How common are bonuses and incentives in hospitalist pay? According to data from the 2018 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career Survey, more than 95%...

Paid to sign on?

April 2019

On the Wards

scribes provide documentation in hospital medicine

Scribes help hospitalists with more than just documentation

August 2019
WHILE SCRIBES have made deep inroads into emergency and outpatient medicine, their role in hospital medicine has been much more tentative. Could using scribes...



how nocturnists manage difficult night admissions?

Nocturnist nightmares: managing emergencies, agitated delirium and narcotic dependence

August 2019
HOSPITALIST MICHAEL HOLTH, MD, has spent most of his seven years in hospital medicine working as a nocturnist. At this years Society of Hospital...

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Social media: Should you stop lurking and log on?

March 2019
Published in the March 2019 issue of Today's Hospitalist AS A YOUNG HOSPITALIST trying to develop his academic career, Charlie M. Wray, DO, MS, (@WrayCharles)...


group of doctors representing hospitalist group size

How large is the average hospitalist group?

July 2019
What are the demographics of an average hospitalist group? How many physicians and nonphysicians work in average groups, and how many physicians come and...

By the Numbers

Waxing nostalgic

May 2019
Published in the May 2019 issue of Today's Hospitalist BACK IN 2005 when I became a hospitalist, the specialty was still in its infancy. Community...


Ailing career? A coach might help

May 2019
Published in the May 2019 issue of Today's Hospitalist 2018 PROVED to be a year of big changes for Tinsley Coble, MD, who's based...