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Which hospitalists work in the ICU?

Hospitalists with national management companies are the most likely to provide some critical care

January 2024

HOW MANY HOSPITALISTS work in the ICU? According to data from the 2023 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career Survey, just over half of hospitalists who treat adults said they work in the intensive care units. While 35% reported that they have ICU attending privileges, about 16% don’t.

Academic hospitalists are much less likely to work in the ICU than their nonacademic counterparts. In our survey, only 25.4% of academic hospitalists reported working in the critical care units compared to 56.9% of their nonacademic colleagues.

Hospitalists at larger hospitals are also less likely to provide some critical care. While 59% of hospitalists in hospitals with 100 to 249 beds do ICU work, only 21.3% of hospitalists in hospitals with more than 500 beds reported the same.


Employment models and experience
Among employer models, our data found that hospitalists with national hospitalist management companies are more likely to work in the ICU. Of those, 77.9% reported provided some critical care, with more than half (50.9%) serving as an attending.

Hospitalists at local hospitalist groups are also more likely to work in the ICU. Nearly two-thirds (70.6%) said they do ICU work, while nearly half (41.2%) serve as an attending.

Finally, our data showed differences in critical care work based on how long hospitalists have worked in the specialty. Among hospitalists in the field for two years or less, 35.7% work in the ICU. But among those with 20-plus years of experience, the number jumps to 60.3%.

For more data on hospitalist careers, check out our 2023 Compensation & Career guide here.


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