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 early careers during the pandemic

A look at medical training,
 early careers during the pandemic

June 2020
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How residents and fellows are dealing with covid

HOW ARE RESIDENTS and fellows dealing with the onslaught of covid during training? In an NPR piece produced last month, physicians in training talked about the effects of the pandemic.

Several noted that the crisis has them questioning everything they thought they knew about clinical medicine, particularly as attendings struggle to manage the disease. Others pointed to the emotional toll of seeing so much loss.

In other news, young doctors looking to enter academic medicine may see their careers sidetracked by health care’s current financial problems. A MedPage Today article reports that academic institutions across the country have instituted hiring freezes. While most existing fellowship offers are being honored, the terms of some have changed from a focus on teaching or research to more clinical care.

And after postponing this spring’s MCATs, the AAMC is ramping up testing again, offering multiple exam sessions a day so testers can maintain a safe distance. But when the online scheduling system went live last month, it crashed. That’s because, while between 10,000 and 12,000 people typically sign up, 62,000 people tried to schedule an exam.

Published in the June 2020 issue of Today’s Hospitalist
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