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How many hospitalists work with NPs/PAs?

And how many of those nonphysicians bill independently?

January 2024

MORE THAN THREE-QUARTERS of adult hospitalists say they work with NPs/PAs, and more than one-quarter say the NPs/PAs they work with bill independently for their work.

Those data, which are from the 2023 Today’s Hospitalist survey, found that 22.5% of all hospitalists who treat adults don’t work with NPs/PAs. That percentage was highest for hospitalists working in primary care or multispecialty groups (30.8% don’t work with NPs/PAs) and lowest among hospitalists working for hospitals and hospital corporations (where 17.7% don’t work with NPs/PAs).

Pediatric hospitalists are much less likely to work with NPs/Pas than hospitalists treating adults. In our survey, just over half (52%) of pediatric hospitalists said they didn’t work with NPs/PAs.

NP/PA billing
When it comes to billing, 27.1% of adult hospitalists say that the NPs/PAs they work with bill independently. Just over one-third of hospitalists (34.1%) say that NPs/PAs are supervised, and 16.3% say that NP/PA billing status can go either way depending on the task.

NPs-PAs-bill-indenpendtlyOur survey data also found that local hospitalist groups are the least likely to have NPs/PAs bill independently for their services. Only 19.6% of hospitalists working for those groups said NPs/PAs bill their own work, while 49% said NPs/PAs are supervised.

Hospitalists working for universities and medical schools were more likely to report that NPs/PAs bill for their own services. Nearly one-third (31%) of hospitalists in those groups said that NPs/PAs bill independently, while 26.2% said NPs/PAs are supervised.

NPs-PAs-censusWhen we asked hospitalists working with NPs/PAs about their patient census, a group of all adult hospitalists reported a mean of 18.7 patients between the hospitalist and the NP/PA. That number was slightly higher for nonacademic hospitalists (19.1) and slightly lower for academic hospitalists (18.5).

For more data on hospitalist working with other specialties, check out our 2023 Compensation & Career guide here.

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