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The gender gap in pay

What data say about pay differences

March 2018

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Published in the March 2018 issue of Today’s Hospitalist
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Myhanh Nguyen, Facebook
Myhanh Nguyen, Facebook
April 2018 8:31 am

Agreed. With the two hospitalist groups I know off, [physicians work] same contract and same hourly rate/salary. Highest incomer in my previous job is a female who work a lot of extra shifts.

Marnie Abesamis Chan, Facebook
Marnie Abesamis Chan, Facebook
April 2018 5:51 pm

This is not universal, but in my group, the men can take more shifts because they are either single or have stay-at-home spouses. The women in my group are all married, a couple have spouses who travel for work, and we all have children. Otherwise, we get the same contract, and the same hourly rate (nocturnist get more per hour).

So, all things being equal, the presence of in-home, reliable child care is probably the biggest factor in our pay gap. Our highest earner is a female nocturnist whose children are already in high school.