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Demographics: A look at hospitalists in 2014

November 2014

Published in the November 2014 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career Guide.

HERE’S A QUICK LOOK at answers from all hospitalists who responded to the 2014 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career survey.

Mean extra pay received for call per shift: $793
Percent receiving more than $1,000 per extra shift per call: 35.6%
How many work schedules of seven consecutive days: 49.5%
Percent who work 11 or more consecutive days: 8.0%

How many signed a noncompete in their current job: 55.7%
Number of hospitalist groups at facility:
“¢ One: 67.6%
“¢ Two: 19.0%
“¢ Three or more: 13.4%
Mean percent of admissions vs. observation: 73.4% vs. 26.6%

Work in the ICU as attending: 52.9%
Work in the ICU, not as attending: 15.0%
Percent using telemedicine in clinical work: 13.7%
“Telemedicine used at my facility but not by me”: 28.4%
How many provide comanagement to…
“¢ Orthopedics: 84.7%
“¢ General surgery: 82.8%
“¢ Cardiology: 76.2%
How many plan to employ some post-discharge strategy in the future: 58.7%
“¢ Contact patients after discharge: 31.7%
“¢ Set up or staff a post-discharge clinic: 17.9%
“¢ Treat patients in a post-acute setting: 12.2%
“¢ Dedicate more hospital staff to transitional care: 28.2%

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