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Compensation bonuses for hospitalists: a look at the data

The average bonus for all hospitalists was just under $40,000

January 2024
Bonus just ahead

WHEN IT COMES to compensation bonuses, the Today’s Hospitalist survey found that the average bonus amount for all hospitalists was just under $40,000.

There’s significant variation in that number when the details of hospitalists’ employers, locations and duties are factored in. Bonuses for nonacademic adult hospitalists, for example, came in a little higher, at $40,670. And bonuses for academic hospitalists came in lower, at $35,651.

Program directors reported a significantly bigger bonus amount: $45,518. And pediatric hospitalists reported the lowest bonus amount: $25,313.

Here are the hospitalists who reported getting the biggest bonuses:

Hospitalists who work in the ICU as an attending: $49,975.

Hospitalists working in multi-specialty/primary care groups: $50,103.

Hospitalists in the Midwest: $51,479.

When you sort our survey data by employer type, other big differences emerge. Hospitalists working for local hospitalist groups, for example, reported mean bonuses of $47,041. Hospitalists working for universities/medical schools, by comparison, reported mean bonuses of $26,235.

hospitalist-bonuses-employerThere appears to be a correlation between bonus amounts and career satisfaction. Among hospitalists who said they’re very satisfied with their career, for example, average bonus amounts came in at $48,456. Among hospitalists who said they’re dissatisfied with their careers, bonus amounts averaged $32,389.

Hospitalists’ years of experience also seems to affect bonus amounts. Hospitalists with two years or less of experience, for example, reported average bonus amounts of $28,833. That amount increased with years of experience. Hospitalists with 10-14 years of experience reported an average bonus of $47,756.

hospitalist-bonusesHospitalists with the most experience, at least as measured in our survey, reported slightly lower bonus amounts. Average bonus amounts for hospitalists with 20+ years of experience came to $43,553.

For more on hospitalist compensation, check out our 2023 Compensation & Career guide here.

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January 2024 9:19 pm

My yearly bonus is only 15,000 maximum. Full time nocturnist., sad to say.