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A look at nonclinical duties

January 2011

Published in the January 2011 issue of Today’s Hospitalist

How much time do you spend on nonclinical duties?
According to data from the 2010 Today’s Hospitalist Compen- sation & Career Survey, hospitalists spend less than one-quarter of their time (20.50%) on nonclinical duties. But that varies by specialty. Pediatric hospitalists say they spend an average of 29.33% on nonclinical duties, compared to 17.42% of internists.

Cut the data by employer type, and time spent on nonclinical duties is lowest for local hospitalist groups (11.94%) and highest for hospitalists working at universities and medical schools (35.62%). Not surprisingly, that figure is lower for hospitalists being paid based on pure productivity (13.03%) vs. 100% salary (19.11%).

Hospital/ hospital corp.: 18.78%
Local hospitalist group: 11.94%
Multispecialty/primary care group: 19.36%
National hospitalist management company: 13.11%
University/medical school: 35.62%

How does time spent on nonclinical care correlate with job satisfaction?
Our data found a positive correlation between how much time hospitalists spend on nonclinical duties and job satisfaction. Hospitalists who view hospital medicine as a longterm career, for example, spent an average of 20.46% of their time on nonclinical duties. By comparison, hospitalists who report spending only 14.49% of their time on nonclinical duties said they weren’t sure of their future in the specialty. Similarly, the more time hospitalists spend on nonclinical duties, the lower they rank burnout as a factor for themselves.

What’s the relationship between nonclinical duties and hospitalists’ years of experience?
Time spent nonclinically appears to grow with experience. Our data found that hospitalists spend more time on nonclinical care the longer they’ve been in their current job.

Is committee participation mandatory in your group? Just under two-thirds of respondents (65.4%) answered yes. That number was highest for pediatric hospitalists (73.7%), hospitalists working at smaller hospitals, and hospitalists employed by hospitals and hospital corporations.

Want more data about hospitalist pay, work hours and more? Go to the 2010 survey results online at www.todayshospitalist.com and look for the "Survey Results" button on the left side of the page.