November/December 2022

COVER STORY: Is your group calling in backup too often?

FEATURE: The push is on for higher productivity

PROGRESS NOTES: Thanksgiving in the ER

ANALYSIS: Gauging covid’s impact on teamwork

POLL: Survey: compensation gains over three years

September/October 2022

  COVER STORY: Transfer delays

ONLINE ONLY: Interhospital transfers: taking a broader view

FEATURE: Medical practices that should be retired

ANALYSIS: What are best practices for clinical texting?


July/August 2022

july-august-coverCOVER STORY: Rising comp: Is it a blip or a trend?

FEATURE: Tips to become a better negotiator

Q&A: Parental leave: Programs can do a lot better

MARKETPLACE:A mobile app to manage team workflows

NEWS BRIEFS: Is hospital medicine a brain drain from primary care?

TECH: Health systems: leveraging size and technology

May/June 2022

pandemic-driven-innovations-cover-may-june-2022 COVER STORY: Pandemic-driven innovations: What to keep?

ANALYSIS: How ready are your APPs for practice?

WHAT WORKS: Transforming buprenorphine treatment, culture

ON THE WARDS: What I wish someone had told my younger self

PROFILE: Medicine and music as healing arts

March/April 2022

COVER STORY: The big quit

ANALYSIS: How sustainable is seven-on/seven-off

Q&A: Gossip is good

WHAT WORKS: Preventing pressure injuries in proned patients

COMMENTARY: Palliative care: a lot more than a DNR service.

January/February 2022

COVER STORY: New rules for split visits

FEATURE: Medical education during the plague years

ANALYSIS: Are hospitalists calling too many PT consults?

Q&A:How to preserve an overwhelmed workforce

WHAT WORKS: Structured review cuts SNF discharges in half

PROGRESS NOTES: Denial: an essential part of every pandemic

NEWS BRIEFS: ED is key to reducing post-op readmissions

SPONSORED POST: Personalized care for patients suffering with dysphagia