November/December 2021

COVER STORY: Are your nurses heading toward the door?

FEATURE: How physicians can avoid pitfalls in social media

ANALYSIS: Sliding scale insulin for inpatients gets some respect

WHAT WORKS: Ferreting out delirium in the hospital setting

COMMENTARY: Why I choose the night shift

LETTERS: More on “Dying after leaving AMA”

September/October 2021

COVER STORY: Can you handle record-high inpatient volumes?

FEATURE: Recruiting? Make sure you hire right

ANALYSIS: Why are hospitalist medmal claims holding steady?

Q&A: Streamlining admission decisions

WHAT WORKS: A hospital takes charge of antibody infusions

COMMENTARY: Dying after leaving AMA

PROGRESS NOTES: The rollercoaster of stupid

July / August 2021

COVER STORY: Women hospitalists and the pandemic

FEATURE: Tough choices: the right diuretic for heart failure and the best test for chest pain

FEATURE: 12 tips for building your career as a physician

BY THE NUMBERS: Billing options for triage only?

WHAT WORKS: A glycemic team drives “diabetes literacy”

ON THE WARDS: So you want to be an expert witness?

COMMENTARY: A difficult interaction

NEWS BRIEFS: Covid’s high toll among IMGs

May / June 2021

COVER STORY: Innovating during the pandemic

FEATURE: Raises and subsidies are back on the table

ANALYSIS: Is the ED admitting too many patients?

Q&A: Big payoff for performance feedback

WHAT WORKS: Tips for negotiating compensation

COMMENTARY: “Are you trying to kill your dad?!”

NEWS BRIEFS: Physician income (for some) rebounds

March / April 2021

COVER STORY: Coping together

ANALYSIS: Finally, locums get some respect

WHAT WORKS: Making sure everyone stays connected

PROGRESS NOTES: The balance of sacrifice in the covid era

NEWS BRIEFS: Fake N95s flood the U.S.

January / February 2021

january february 2021 past issue

COVER STORY: Building hospital at home

ANALYSIS: When joint replacement patients bounce back

WHAT WORKS: How to help families grieve

PROFILE: Honoring a former patient

HEALTH CARE REDESIGN: Moving toward the hospital of the future

ONLINE ONLY: Hospitalists: front and center in vaccination efforts