October 2019


COVER STORY: What’s the best switch day for hospitalists? 

FEATURE: Low-risk patients and stress testing, DVT prophylaxis

BY THE NUMBERS: Screening for unhealthy alcohol use in the hospital

WHAT WORKS: Slashing delirium days in geriatric inpatients

NEWS BRIEFS: Severe sepsis: blood cultures first, then give antibiotics

CAREER: A look at hospitalist job satisfaction


September 2019


COVER STORY: Tackling opioid treatment in the hospital

Q&A: Cutting back on antibiotics for pneumonia

PROGRESS NOTES: The quest for immortality in the ICU

POLL: Hospitalists rank their top 10 challenges

NEWS BRIEFS: Are physicians suffering from burnout or depression?

SLIDE SHOW: What types of shifts do hospitalists work?


August 2019

hospitalists taking admissions from the ED

COVER STORY: How hospitalists handle admission requests from the emergency department

FEATURE: Nocturnist nightmares: managing emergencies, agitated delirium, and narcotic dependence

Q&A: Tips to reduce hospital sleep interruptions

BY THE NUMBERS: Billing NP/PA hospital services: Are shared visits always the right strategy?

WHAT WORKS: Scribes help hospitalists with more than just documentation

NEWS BRIEFS: Are hospitalists overtreating pneumonia?

POLL: What are hospitalists’ roles beyond patient care?

LETTERS: More on joint rounds, CHF/AKI

July 2019

Today's Hospitalist July 2019 issue

COVER STORY: Your patient is going to a SNF

WHAT WORKS: Faster communication, more timely care

COMMENTARY: How to screen for emotional intelligence

PROGRESS NOTES: The parade of disability

POLL: A look at NPs/PAs in hospital medicine

NEWS BRIEFS: The high cost of physician burnout

June 2019

COVER STORY: We’re (NOT) hiring

BY THE NUMBERS: Steer clear of copy and paste

WHAT WORKS: Making joint rounds work

COMMENTARY: Utilization matters

POLL: Discharge strategies

: Delirium and readmissions

LETTERS: More on procedure services

May 2019

COVER STORY: Building flexibility into the schedule

BY THE NUMBERS: Waxing nostalgic

WHAT WORKS: Patients leaving AMA: a new approach

PROFILE: Ailing career? A coach might help

PROGRESS NOTES: Nurses station food

NEWS BRIEFS: Do apology laws work?

April 2019

COVER STORY: Do your new hires need more help?

Q&A: Fluoroquinolone prescribing at discharge

BY THE NUMBERS: A look at teaching physician rules

WHAT WORKS: Hospitalists take back
bedside procedures

PROFILE: Alyssa’s Law: one state down, 49 to go

ON THE WARDS: The part-timer’s life for me

POLL: Paid to sign on?

NEWS BRIEFS: CMS levies hospital-acquired infection penalties

LETTERS: More on heart failure patients at discharge

FROM THE EDITOR: Onboarding for the long term

March 2019

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COVER STORY: Thinking about a move to leadership?

FEATURE: Social media: Should you stop lurking and log on?

ANALYSIS: Early discharges: They’re complicated

BY THE NUMBERS: Clearing up confusion

WHAT WORKS: A fun way to promote sepsis awareness

COMMENTARY: Improving med rec: Let’s start a discussion

PROGRESS NOTES: The hospital labyrinth

POLL: A look at hospitalist shift rates

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: A leader, or a follower? Both work

February 2019

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COVER STORY: Are you keeping your nocturnists happy?

FEATURE: Tuning up your heart failure patients at discharge

ANALYSIS: Antipsychotics for delirium? Short answer is no

Basal insulin: What happens when patients go NPO?

PROFILE: A doctor dance-off for a great cause

POLL: A look at hospitalist rounding

LETTERS: More on consultants, disaster planning

FROM THE EDITOR: When nocturnists ain’t happy …

January 2019

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COVER STORY: Getting smart about your comp plan

FEATURE: The flu: It’s back!

BY THE NUMBERS: Decisions, decisions

WHAT WORKS: Surgical redesign delivers earlier discharges

FROM THE EDITOR: How flexible is your comp plan?