May/June 2022


Four Ways to Maximize Hospitalist Efficiency in Challenging Times

DURING THE PANDEMIC, hospitals across the country saw an uptick in care complications and hospital-acquired infections. Contributing factors include volume surges, rising patient acuity, clinician burnout, staff shortages, and supply chain issues. Read more here.


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Patient Safety


Preventing pressure injuries in proned patients

March 2022
HOSPITALS DEVOTE a lot of energy and resources to preventing pressure injuries, one of eight conditions originally flagged in the CMS' 2008 hospital-acquired conditions...

Patient Flow


SNF discharges: how structured review can eliminate unnecessary services

January 2022
IN MARCH 2020, as covid outbreaks flared throughout the U.S., news articles began detailing the horrendous outcomes befalling patients in some nursing homes and...

Progress Notes

A behind-the-scenes artistic view of hospital medicine. This month's retrospective focuses on members of society who are in pandemic denial. Leo Motter, MD, and Dan Langsdale, BA, tackle a variety of stressors, successes and everyday occurrences seen on hospital...



Pandemic-driven innovations: What hospitals should keep

May 2022
IS THE PANDEMIC OVER? At press time, BA.2 rates are on the rise, but hospitalization rates for covid patients are at some of their...


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Compensation & Career Guide

Group of patients with ventilators

Patient encounters: daytime hospitalists vs. nocturnists

May 2020
How many patient encounters do hospitalists see per shift—and what number do they think is reasonable? According to data from the 2019 Today’s Hospitalist...



The healing arts of medicine and music

May 2022
"MUSIC PROMOTER" may seem an unlikely sideline for a full-time hospitalist. But Larry Birger, MD, the founder of a nonprofit for music education and...



How the great resignation may affect hospitalists

March 2022
STEPHEN BEHNKE, MD, MBA, says his big career move last summer—leaving his CEO job in a local Ohio hospitalist group to head up the...



Billing options for triage only?

WHILE IT SEEMS like covid has been the only topic of conversation for the past 18 months, hospitalists have been busy providing plenty of...