November/December 2021

Opening Doors for Women in Medicine

women-medicineAn attending hospitalist reflects on the skills needed to transform care, impact patients’ lives, work collaboratively across teams, and grow as a clinician and leader. Read more here. 




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Covid News Updates

Check back often as we continue to post timely updates on COVID-19.  Successful pandemic innovations: A line team takes charge of placing lines in the...

A line team takes charge of placing lines in the covid ICU

WITH COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS dropping nationally and on the west coast, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has just put one of its most successful pandemic innovations on...



Raises and subsidies are back on the table

May 2021
WHILE HARDIK VORA, MD, MPH, will remember many things about working through the pandemic, here's one of the better memories: During his 12 years...

Patient flow

Progress Notes

A behind-the-scenes artistic view of hospital medicine. Leo Motter, MD, and Dan Langsdale, BA, tackle a variety of stressors, successes and everyday occurrences seen on hospital wards. See all Progress Notes here. Published in the September/October 2021 issue of Today’s Hospitalist


Sliding scale insulin for inpatients gets some respect

November 2021
EMINENT ENDOCRINOLOGIST Guillermo Umpierrez, MD, has spent a lot of time and effort over his long career trying to convince clinicians that basal/bolus insulin...


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Compensation & Career Guide

Group of patients with ventilators

Patient encounters: daytime hospitalists vs. nocturnists

May 2020
How many patient encounters do hospitalists see per shift—and what number do they think is reasonable? According to data from the 2019 Today’s Hospitalist...



How physicians can avoid pitfalls in social media

November 2021
WHEN YOU SEE disinformation on Twitter, should you get involved? When discussing patient cases on social media, how much detail can you get into?...


Why do I choose the night shift?

November 2021
THIS IS A QUESTION I'm frequently asked by inquiring friends, family, fellow physicians and even patients. Some wonder if I drew the short straw...



Are your hospitalist billing services underperforming? How to check

September 2021
SPONSORED POST A new 2021 quantitative study was just concluded by AR, the Research Intelligence branch of Avira Insights. The conclusions are a must read. The medical...