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We want to hear from you

December 2007

Published in the December 2007 issue of Today’s Hospitalist

Do you have something to say about the issues you face in your day-to-day duties as a hospitalist?

As an editor, I like to think that our stories do a good job of asking “and answering “your questions. But the best way to know what you as a reader are thinking is to hear it directly from you.

While print magazines don’t allow for that kind of interaction, Web technologies do. That’s why we launched two new blogs on the Today’s Hospitalist Web site that are designed to start a dialogue with you, our readers.

Like many of the articles you read in Today’s Hospitalist, the blogs on our site focus on the nuts and bolts of hospital medicine. Our first blogger, Erik DeLue, MD, writes about the challenges he’s facing as he tries to reinvent a community-based hospitalist program in New Jersey. In a recent post, he asked a question that many in the specialty will undoubtedly consider heresy: Are hospitalists paid too much? Dr. DeLue makes a good case for why hospitalist pay may eventually become misaligned, but I’m just as interested in your responses.

We’re now launching another blog written by Sandeep Sachdeva, MD. As we report in the article that begins on page 8, Dr. Sachdeva is starting a hospitalist program at a brand new, high-tech hospital outside of Phoenix. Because the hospital was built with just about every gadget and system you’ve ever heard of, the issue of practicing high-tech medicine will be one focus of Dr. Sachdeva’s entries. But he also plans to talk about many of the lower-tech challenges that he faces in building a hospitalist program from the ground up.

These posts are already generating thoughtful, insightful responses from readers like you. I encourage you to visit our Web site. to read what your colleagues are saying about working as a hospitalist. I’d like to hear your opinion.

Edward Doyle
Editor and Publisher