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The debate over paid time off

June 2013

Published in the June 2013 issue of Today’s Hospitalist

As I sit down to write this, spring is in full bloom in the Northeast. For many of us in this part of the country, warmer weather conjures up images of beach vacations and long periods away from work.

For many hospitalists, however, the notion of paid vacation time remains elusive. Sure, many hospitalists work block schedules and regularly have five or seven days off in a row. But less than half of you say you receive additional chunks of paid time off to help you escape the grind of patient care.

The question, however, is whether hospitalists who work block schedules need paid time off. In this month’s cover story, we look at both sides of that debate “and both sides make a convincing case.

On another note, the imminent arrival of summer is significant for us at Today’s Hospitalist for another reason: It’s time to gear up for our annual compensation and career survey. That means it’s time for my annual appeal to all of you to take our survey.

This is the sixth year that we’re surveying hospitalists, and as always, we need your participation to make our data as meaningful as possible. Our survey is unique in that we don’t collect data about only pay, work hours and patient encounters. Because we send our survey to individual hospitalists, not only program directors, we’re able to ask hospitalists what they think about important issues, whether they’re happy with their career and more.

I hope to hear from you soon.

edoyleEdward Doyle
Editor & Publisher