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What’s value in health care?
Leaving clinical medicine
2012: the not-so-health(y) news
Of donkeys and kings
Health care isn’t cheesecake
Lessons learned
Too much specialization?
Hurry up and wait
The “patient experience”: Is it patient pandering?
Occupy Health Care!
The robot is in
The Resident (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)
The best patient satisfaction survey ever!
ACOs and the “medical home”
My perfect hospital
Do hospitals need more outsiders?
Is the physical exam necessary?
Mentoring 101
Learning lean
Setting discharge goals
When do children become adults?
In memory of E.N.
2009: Changing jobs, and the other side of the stethoscope
Short honeymoon
Time for hospitalists to act
Getting a seat at the reform table
Health care reform: the Sermo survey
Business as usual: the AMA’s opposition
Dear Mr. President
Friend me?
The new “universal physician”
Can’t get no satisfaction?
Bells and whistles
This week’s ranking
The newest new thing
The wolf at the door
A case of medical deja vu
Beeper blues
Children are not small adults … except when they are

About Ruben J. Nazario, MD
Ruben J. Nazario, MD, is now medical director at Inovalon, a health care data analytics company, and is medical editor for Elsevier’s First Consult. A pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Nazario is a veteran of both community and academic pediatric hospitalist programs. All material represents his own views and does not reflect the views of his employer.