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Compensation & Career Cross-Tab Report & Executive Summaries

Three Executive Summary Reports provide detailed analysis of survey findings for adult hospitalists, pediatric hospitalists, and advanced practice provider hospitalists. Reports are offered as a PDF either separately or bundled with the Cross-Tab Report.

Personalize your findings: Drill down with the Today’s Hospitalist 2022 Compensation & Career Cross-Tab Report, which is offered as an Excel spreadsheet. Break the results down by hundreds of variables to find the pay, workload and satisfaction data for others in your region, or compare your hours, patient load, experience, group size, shift type, employer type and much more.

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NEW! Hot Topics in Coding


Report Overview

Today’s Hospitalist’s “By the numbers” column features advice to help you accurately report the services you provide to avoid payment delays and audits. These articles from Today’s Hospitalist focus on billing and documenting patients seen in the ED and in palliative care services, navigating the differences between observation and inpatient status, and how to code for patients who switch settings.

NEW! Burnout and Hospital Medicine


Report Overview

Today’s Hospitalist articles focus on physician burnout before, during and after the pandemic. Topics include how to rein in burnout, peer support and coaching, and saving clinician jobs.


NEW! Staffing and Scheduling Models


Report Overview

Experts weigh in on best practices for hospitalist staffing and scheduling models. This report takes an in-depth look at locums and APPs, how to build a flexible schedule, staffing shortages, the best shift day and more.

NEW! Hospital Medicine and the Opioid Crisis

Report Overview

Explore the role that hospitalists play—and the challenges they face—in reducing inpatient opioid prescribing. We profile programs that have found success with an opioid tolerance leveling order set, an inpatient addiction team and a bedside calculator to predict patients’ opioid-overdose risk. Plus, read a first-hand account of what it is like to practice in a community overwhelmed by opioid-dependent patients.


UPDATED! Trends in Readmissions

Report Overview

From a score to predicting patient risk to interventions to help resource-strapped patients stay out of the hospital, these Today’s Hospitalist articles look at interventions that have—or have not—successfully reduced readmissions.


UPDATED! Career Resource Guide

Report Overview

Whether you’re actively looking for a job or just want information on the job market for hospitalists, this collection of articles has information you need. Articles focus on topics including the pros and cons of signing bonuses, making the most of site visits, negotiating compensation, finding flexible schedules, and avoiding traps in call coverage.


UPDATED! Hospitalist Recruitment


Report Overview

A look at trends in hospitalist recruitment including articles about finding and screening recruits, onboarding, hiring tips, and analysis of the cost of physician turnover.


Perioperative Medicine Update

Report Overview

This collection of Today’s Hospitalist articles includes a primer on which drugs to hold or continue before and after surgery, a look at recent perioperative controversies, VTE prophylaxis overuse, and errors in communication and diagnosis that can derail perioperative medicine.


Progress Notes

These cartoon commentaries written by a hospitalist take a unique look at sources of frustration in hospital medicine, from burnout and observation status to interactions with other specialties. “If airports were like hospitals… ,” for instance, is a hilarious take on the constant (and ridiculous) analogies drawn between health care and aviation.


Improving Your HCAHPS Scores

Report Overview

A compilation of strategies to improve your HCAHPS performance from Today’s Hospitalist Coding Section contributor David Frenz, MD. Tips for improving your HCAHPS scores were compiled for an evidence- based medicine class at the University of Minnesota, and range from installing whiteboards in patient rooms to techniques for improving patient communication.


Moving Toward Unit-Based Care

Report Overview

A four-part series from Today’s Hospitalist covering the transition to a very successfully operated unit-based care model with daily interdisciplinary rounds by Presbyterian Medical Group (PMG)  at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M. In the series, David Yu, MD, MBA covers four themes: getting started; political and financial hurdles; saving money and the transformative impact.


Unclogging the hospital 


Report Overview

This three-part series from Today’s Hospitalist examines obstacles to patient flow, including hospitalist group structure, cherished principles of hospital medicine and administrative roadblocks. The series author, David Yu, MD, MBA, draws on his experience improving patient flow at Presbyterian Medical Group (PMG) at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M.