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Play together to stay together

August 2016

Published in the August 2016 issue of Today’s Hospitalist

SUMMER IS IN FULL SWING, which means weekends packed with picnics, barbeques and all kinds of outdoor get-togethers. But I wonder how many hospitalist groups are taking advantage of summer socializing outside of work.

What makes me ask that question is our cover story, which looks at the strategies that hospitalist groups are using to create more camaraderie among members. Some of the comments in that story make me think that extracurricular activities may not exactly be common among hospitalist groups.

If any specialty could benefit from better sociability, it’s hospital medicine. So many hospitalists are overscheduled, overworked and generally put upon that they could use a strong group of colleagues to lean on.

But getting people together outside of work isn’t always easy. Hospitalists are so busy that many may not want to even think about work (or the people they work with) on their days off.

Some groups are having success at breaking through that kind of thinking, and they’re seeing real rewards from activities that give hospitalists a chance to mingle away from the hospital. Whether it’s getting together at a restaurant or bar, or meeting at someone’s house, such events help hospitalists make new connections that translate to a better work environment for everyone.

If you’re not convinced of the value that team-building brings to the table, read our story, which examines the costs of losing and replacing a physician. By one estimate, direct costs and lost revenue from replacing a hospitalist top out at over $400,000.

That raises the question: What’s it worth to keep the physicians in your group happy and productive?

edoyleEdward Doyle
Editor & Publisher

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