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December 2016

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COVER STORY: The clock is ticking

ANALYSIS: What’s bringing down your group morale?

Q& A: Breaking the “culture if spikes” habit

NEWS: “What’s your plan to evacuate?

ON THE WARDS: Feeling dumped on?

WHAT WORKS: Finally, some evidence to back surgical comanagement

BY THE NUMBERS: How’s your operational efficiency?

POLL: A look at hospitalist pay trends

PROGRESS NOTES: The holiday spiral

FROM THE EDITOR: Battling sepsis: the need for speed

November 2016

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Cover Story: Ka-ching! A look at hospital medicine’s high earners

Feature: What’s it take for doctors to find work-life balance?

Analysis: Hospitalists weigh in on opioid prescribing

Q&A: Want to prevent readmissions? Speed up discharge summaries

What works: Detecting sepsis in real time

Coding: How hospitalists should handle clinical information pending at discharge

Poll: A look at pay, shifts and more for pediatric hospitalists

In the News: CMS releases final MACRA rule

Career: Practice Closeups-Career Guide

From the Editor: Our [ compensation and career ] survey says…

 October 2016

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COVER STORY: Who makes group decisions?

FEATURE: Toward a better night’s sleep

FEATURE: Unconscious bias in patient care

ANALYSIS: “So, what brought you back to the hospital?”

Q&A: Interhospital transfers pose plenty of problems

BY THE NUMBERS: Is your documentation as accurate as possible?

WHAT WORKS: Convincing doctors to order fewer C. diff tests

COMMENTARY: Beating burnout

POLL: Hospitalists weigh in on recertification

FROM THE EDITOR: Who calls the shots in your group?

September 2016

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COVER STORY: Readmissions: How can you 
keep patients from bouncing back?

FEATURE: How to manage difficult patients and their expectations

FEATURE: Getting intubations right the first time

ANALYSIS: Sexual harassment and gender bias in academic medicine

Q&A: Are resident handoffs especially risky?

WHAT WORKS: Bringing exercise programs to patients

MARKETPLACE: Scheduling software with a proven track record

POLL: Respect and burnout in the hospital

NEWS BRIEFS: Get ready for higher readmission penalties

FROM THE EDITOR: Tackling readmissions

August 2016

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COVER STORY: Building camaraderie: how social connectedness in hospitalist groups pays off

FEATURE: Health IT controversies

Q&A: UTIs and antibiotics in the hospital: Where’s the re-evaluation?

HOSPITAL MEDICINE: Hospital medicine turns 20

NEWS: Subspecialty status for pediatric hospital medicine?

BY THE NUMBERS: The staggering costs of physician turnover

WHAT WORKS: Overuse: another type of medical error

POLL: Hospitalist groups: Who’s working nights?

FROM THE EDITOR: Play together to stay together

July 2016

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COVER STORY: Chasing after five stars? Hospitalists boosting patient satisfaction

FEATURE: A pragmatic approach to treating opioid use disorders in the hospital

FEATURE: Tell-tale signs of weak leadership

ANALYSIS: Think local to improve antibiotic use

Q&A: Scrapping unnecessary labs in the hospital

CODING: Decision-making: fitting all the pieces together

WHAT WORKS: Coaching for early-career hospitalists

COMMENTARY: Fragmented care: Are hospitalists part of the problem?

NEW DOCTORS: Need better team skills? Try training together

POLL: Hospitalist groups: Who’s coming and who’s going?

FROM THE EDITOR: A little help from your friends

June 2016

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COVER STORY: Need to speed up observation care?

FEATURE: How to succeed with bundled payments

FEATURE: How do you treat spice, bath salts or 2C?

ANALYSIS: Does your contract compromise patient safety?

Q&A: Big flaws found in SAB management

CODING TIPS: ICD-10 surprises along the way

WHAT WORKS: Bringing more palliative care to the ICU

BACK TALK: More on “Sprinting past the ED:
When are direct admissions a good idea?”

COMMENTARY: The CDC’s new 12-step program for opioids

MARKETPLACE: An antidote to burnout

POLL: A look at hospitalist career satisfaction

FROM THE EDITOR: Observation care: your new service line? 

May 2016

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COVER STORY: The doctor is (plugged) in

FEATURE: A new set of acronyms

ANALYSIS: Overprescribing
IV antihypertensives?

Q&A: Evidence goes AWOL

CODING TIPS: Critical info on billing critical care

WHAT WORKS: Moving psych patients through the ED

POLL: How comfortable are you with specialty admissions?

NEWS BRIEFS: How many patients are eligible for thrombectomy?

FROM THE EDITOR: Big changes

April 2016

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COVER STORY: Sprinting past the ED

ON THE WARDS: How hospitalists can get along better with the ED

ANALYSIS: The azithromycin-QT interval connection

Q&A: Depression in residents: What are we missing?

NEWS: Hospital medicine gains its own specialty code

CODING TIPS: Provider burnout: How’s your relationship with work?

WHAT WORKS: Overhauling the ICU-wards transition

PROFILE: Physician entrepreneur: Helping women grow a business

MARKETPLACE: “Digital empathy” and fewer readmissions

NEWS BRIEFS: New CDC guidelines
target opioid prescribing

POLL: What hospital duties do you perform?

FROM THE EDITOR: Taking the frustration out of direct admissions

March 2015

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COVER STORY: Gender gap in hospital medicine: Do women have the same opportunities?

FEATURE: ID consults: formal or curbside?

ANALYSIS: Do discharge-before-noon initiatives work?

Q&A: Choosing Wisely in the real world

What’s important for a hospitalist?

CODING TIPS: Time is on your side

WHAT WORKS: Trauma service: a new comanagement line

BACK TALK: Do female hospitalists face discrimination?

MARKETPLACE: An early warning system

POLL: A look at hospitalists and post-acute care

NEWS BRIEFS: Only 1% of docs rack up 32% of paid claims

FROM THE EDITOR: Gender: a level field, or not so much?

February 2016

feb. 2016
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COVER STORY: Under the weather? Planning on working anyway?

FEATURE: Success with NPs/PAs

ANALYSIS: An order set tries to keep up with the evidence

Q&A: Translating evidence into local practice

CODING TIPS: Interpret this! Numbers involving physicians

WHAT WORKS: Detecting sepsis without alert fatigue

BACK TALK: I knew I was a hospitalist when …

COMICS: The hobgoblin of the hospitalist: Interruptions!

NEWS BRIEFS: Physician burnout:
It’s getting worse

POLL: Bonuses and incentives

LETTERS: More on bridging anticoagulation

FROM THE EDITOR: First, do no harm

January 2016

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COVER STORY: Getting beyond restraints: How to improve psych care in hospital

FEATURE: Palliative care: Five things you may be doing wrong

ANALYSIS: What can go wrong with comanagement

Q&A: Does defensive medicine work after all?

CODING TIPS: The debut of advance care planning codes

WHAT WORKS: “Before you go, why are you leaving?

MARKETPLACE: In good company

NEWS BRIEFS: Volume counts in stroke care

BACK TALK: Do IMG hospitalists face discrimination?

POLL: A look at patient encounters

FROM THE EDITOR: The more things change, the more they stay the same