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A look at the hospitalists who received a pandemic bonus

One-fifth of hospitalists reported receiving a pandemic bonus averaging about $7,800

March 2023

extra-bonus-neon-signHOW DID HOSPITALISTS do when it came to getting pandemic bonuses? Data from the 2022 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career Survey show that just under one-quarter of hospitalists—21%—received one of these bonuses, and that the average amount was under $8,000.

Here’s a look at data from our survey on pandemic bonuses for hospitalists.

Who received a pandemic bonus?
About 18% of nonacademic adult hospitalists reported receiving a pandemic bonus, compared to 33% of academic hospitalists. About one-quarter of program directors (24%) likewise received one.

Hospitalists who are paid based on a combination of salary and productivity were more likely (25%) to receive a pandemic bonus. Among hospitalists paid only on salary, 16% received a bonus. And among hospitalists paid based only on productivity, an even lower number—13%—received a pandemic bonus.

Our data appear to show a link between pandemic bonuses and hospitalist satisfaction. Of hospitalists who said they’re very satisfied with their career, 27% received a bonus. Of those who said they’re dissatisfied with their career, 11% received a bonus.

How much were pandemic bonuses?
On average, adult hospitalists who received a pandemic bonus received $7,800. About one-third of hospitalists reported receiving a bonus of $1,000 to $3,000. About 26% received bonuses of $10,000 and up.

Bonus amounts were higher for pediatric hospitalists ($13,396) than for adult hospitalists ($7,800).

Pandemic bonuses were also higher for academic hospitalists ($7,888) than nonacademic hospitalists ($6,590).

Did you receive pandemic bonus pay?

Finally, hospitalists working at the biggest hospitals received the biggest pandemic bonuses.

Hospitalists working at facilities with more than 500 beds, for example, received pandemic bonuses averaging $12,589. Hospitals with under 100 beds gave their hospitalists pandemic bonuses averaging much less: $4,265.

Hospital size

For more survey data, see Today’s Hospitalist’s 2022 Salary Survey data.

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Dr White
Dr White
March 2023 10:46 pm

Bonus, huh! I got my staff cut and worked 2x as hard without bonus.