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Going mobile

April 2010

Published in the April 2010 issue of Today’s Hospitalist

IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE OR BLACKBERRY “and who doesn’t these days? “I have some good news. You can access Today’s Hospitalist while you’re on the go.

Late last month, we launched a partnership with QuantiaMD. If you’re not familiar with QuantiaMD, it’s a service that provides information to physicians via the Web and mobile devices.

The Today’s Hospitalist “community” on QuantiaMD will feature some content from the magazine, but also interactive features like podcasts with audio presentations and accompanying slideshows.

These short productions “they’ll ideally be no longer than five minutes “are designed to give you bite-sized bits of information you can access while you’re on the job or at home. Because they’re designed to be viewed on the tiniest screens, the presentations are shorter than the articles you find in Today’s Hospitalist magazine.

The first presentation, which was posted in mid-March, features results from our annual survey of hospitalists. It is narrated by Erik DeLue, MD, MBA, who adds his own observations to a review of the data.

We’ve got other podcasts in the works on billing, end-of-life care and compensation. Many will be ready to view by the time this issue reaches you in the mail, so take a look and see what you think. After completing a short registration, you’ll be set.

This is a brand new effort for Today’s Hospitalist, so I’d like to know if you find these presentations useful, and if you have ideas for what kind of information you’d like to see.

edoyleEdward Doyle
Editor & Publisher