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There is an app for that
Good old days
Some perspective
“A vote for DeLue is a vote for you!”
Ready for deflation?
Price insensitive
Quality: You know it when you see it
My most indelible memory as a doctor
Don’t sweat it
Our identity crisis
Letter to the editor
My own private conspiracy
The 40 year old hospitalist
Dr. Greenfield’s filter
“Stuff a Hospitalist Says”
Breast biopsy
Family practice and hospital medicine
The wealth differential
Default medicine
Multitasking: How do I shut it off?
The hospitalist-thicist
Kumbaya in the ED
Our (uphill) road to success
Health care as moral hazard
2010: the year it all changed
Daily census: How many is too many?
Can you ever be too safe?
Galapagos General
A day in my life
“The Real Hospitalists of New Jersey”
Have you hugged a subspecialist today?
Real leadership 2010
It slices, it dices, it denies
Enough already?
Dear Dr. Berwick
Suing hospitalists
Another one bites the dust
My growing list of initials
Certification: not tough enough?
Weighing in on l’affaire Levy
Fallout from Arora
Where’s the beef?
The best of times?
Big Brother medicine
“Wallflowers at the dance”
Drowning in cognitive scut?
Welcome to New Jersey—again
A word from our sponsor …
“Saddle up”: SHM 2010
“You might be a hospitalist … “
From Russia with love
Time to waste
Finding the elusive Dr. X
“Known to you”
2020 vision
The death of the doctors’ lounge
Righting all of hospitals’ wrongs
Reconsidering patients who go AMA
“Drop your highlighters!”
Cheer up, you could have been a lawyer!
Getting down with OPPE
Hospitalists and patient satisfaction: Another value-added metric?
Dodging a frivolous lawsuit
Hospital medicine: Too big to fail?
Dear subspecialty fellowship directors
Hospitalists: secret agents of cost control?
My two cents on health care reform
The right to bare arms
Treating the whole hospital
The reform solution: Cash for Clunkers
A walk in my best friend’s shoes
Throwing good money after bad (Doc Scream 2)
Square dance
Big game hunting
Casino billboards and hospital medicine
Wall Street, lawyers and doctors
Bouncebacks: the new LOS
Is it cold-turkey time for the free lunch?
SHM 2009: “Something is going to happen.”
My professional midlife crisis
RoboHospitalist: the battle begins
ACP: the kinship report
Top hospitalists?
Poor communication=unrealistic expectations
A lottery for patient compliance?
Fellowship and certification: What’s in a name?
The common-sense evidence behind RRTs
Certification controversy, Part 2
Do we make too much money? Version 2.0
The certification controversy
Mr. President: hospitalists and health care costs
Rationing: coming to a hospital near you!
hos-pit-tal-ism: Should we claim the word for our own?
“And this year’s Hospy goes to …”
The truth behind the team cliches
Procedures: Are we the go-to doctors of the future?
A timeless classic comes to an end
Happy Birthday to us
Erik the Doctor
A vast hospitalist conspiracy?
Brand-name shoppers
“Strive for five”—not just for the food pyramid anymore
Internal medicine as contact sport
Welcome to my world
Trying to beat the competition
A marriage proposal: hospital medicine and critical care
“You don’t need a weatherman … “
Recruiting: Should we bring it in-house?
Hospital medicine: the new minor leagues?
Welcome to New Jersey!
What to wear?
Mastering the art of the sign-out
Another slice of internal medicine: comprehensivist?
The five stages of hospital medicine
Co-management: too much of a good thing?
Shock first, ask later
Night shifts: great for programs, hazardous to your health?
24/7, shift work and vacation time
Do we make too much money?
“House doctors” and/or hospitalists?
An introduction

About Erik DeLue, MD
Erik DeLue, MD, examines the challenges of running and reinventing a hospitalist program. He is medical director of the hospitalist program at Virtua Memorial, a hospital in Mt. Holly, N.J.

This is the third community hospital program that Dr. DeLue has worked for in his nine years as a hospitalist. Join in the dialogue on issues that range from compensation and 24/7 scheduling to how to work with competing hospitalist groups.

The opinions expressed by Dr. DeLue are his own and do not necessary reflect the opinions of his employer or Today’s Hospitalist.