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Academic hospitalists: what they earn

October 2022

In the 2022 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career Survey, full-time academic hospitalists treating adults saw a 9% same jump in compensation since we last asked the question in 2019. While that’s not too shabby, it’s nowhere near the 19% jump in income reported their non-academic colleagues. Academic hospitalists reported a mean compensation of $283,897, which is a significant jump from the $259,569 they reported in 2019. Check out additional data and slides below.

Total compensation isn’t the only major difference in pay between academic hospitalists and their non-academic colleagues. Here are other highlights from this year’s survey.

Comp changes since the pandemic
Almost half of academic hospitalists (48.8%) reported no change in their income since the pandemic began. More than one-third (37%) said their income has gone up since before the pandemic, with a mean increase of 13.2%. But perhaps the most alarming statistic is that 13% of academic hospitalists said their compensation now has gone down from pre-pandemic levels.

Income from extra shifts
When it comes to income from extra shifts, more than one-third (38.7%) of academic hospitalists reported none. Of respondents who did receive income from extra shifts, that income accounted for 11.8% of their overall pay.

How they’re paid
Among academic hospitalists, a slight majority (56.3%) reported earing a combination of salary and incentives. A smaller number (42.5%) reported earning only straight salary, and a really small number (1%) said they’re paid on productivity alone.

For academic hospitalists who did see income from incentives, the mean amount in 2021 was $27,451. That accounted for of 10.5% of those hospitalists’ annual income.

How incentives are structured
For academic hospitalists who earned income from incentives, 43.8% earned a combination of individual- and group-based incentives. Just under one-third (29.7%) received income from only individual incentives, and 26.6% received income from only group-based incentives.

Pandemic bonus
While almost one-third (32.5%) of academic hospitalists saw a pandemic bonus, the majority (67.5%) did not. For those who did receive a pandemic bonus, the mean amount was $7,888.

Want to know more? An executive summary of our adult hospitalist survey results is available for purchase here.

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