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Do you know how “and how much “hospitalists are paid?

May 2008

Published in the May 2008 issue of Today’s Hospitalist

THAT’S A QUESTION I HEAR all the time from not only recruiters and hospital administrators, but hospitalists. Hospital medicine may be the hottest specialty around, but the simple fact is that there’s not much publicly available data on how much money hospitalists make and how they make it.

A handful of surveys include hospitalists in their ranks, but they usually don’t do a great job of capturing the complexities of hospital medicine. An even smaller number of surveys focus exclusively on hospitalists, but many of those results are released only to members, so most of the world never sees in-depth numbers. (This month’s commentary has some early results from one such survey.)

Because there’s such a paucity of widely available data on hospitalists, we’ve decided to launch a survey that looks not just at hospitalist compensation, but trends in scheduling, job satisfaction and clinical services.

We’ll publish the results later this fall in a special issue of Today’s Hospitalist, and we’ll put the results online.

Why am I telling you all of this? To make our survey meaningful, we need to hear from as many hospitalists as possible. I’ve asked several hospitalists to take the survey in advance, and they’ve told me that it takes only about six minutes to complete.

edoyleEdward Doyle

Editor and Publisher