November/December 2022

A NEW STUDY in the New England Journal of Medicine found that using haloperidol to treat delirium in ICU patients doesn't improve patient mortality. Researchers found no difference in 90-day mortality between ICU patients receiving haloperidol vs. placebo. Guidelines don't...

Patient Safety

Patient case studies: Using procalcitonin levels to guide therapies

October 2022
Patient case study: heart failure or bacterial pneumonia? Trevor van Schooneveld, MD, discusses how to use patients’ procalcitonin levels to know when it’s safe to...



Who in medical school is thinking of a career as a...

October 2022
A NEW ANALYSIS has found that among U.S. medical students, hospital medicine may be of greatest interest to women, people who are part of...

Infectious Disease

Check back often as we continue to post timely updates on COVID-19.  Successful pandemic innovations: A line team takes charge of placing lines in the covid ICU. November 18, 2022 Good news about bivalent vaccines, but not long covid There’s mixed news about...



How to help public health survive politics and misinformation

August 2022
WHILE THE PANDEMIC brought public health efforts front and center, those efforts—mask mandates, isolation and travel guidelines, and the need for virtual schooling—became glaring...


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News Briefs

Is hospital medicine a brain drain from primary care?

July 2022
Is hospital medicine a brain drain from primary care? IT MAY NOT BE breaking news, but the embrace of hospital medicine by young internists suggests...

Patient Flow

Transfer delays: hospitals’ new bottlenecks, chronic problems

September 2022
IN WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA, hospitalist Allison Walton, MD, is trying to manage an ongoing crisis that started with the pandemic and still persists: long delays...


Program directors: gender gap and career longevity

October 2022
The 2022 Today’s Hospitalist Compensation & Career Survey found that program directors reported a mean compensation in 2021 of $377,730 (median $350,000). That’s an...



Hospitalist workforce grew 50% between 2012 and 2019

September 2022
NEW DATA show that the hospitalist workforce grew about 50% from 2012 to 2019, making the specialty one of the five biggest in American...