December 2020

COVER STORY: Home for the holidays?

FEATURE: Covid round-up

COMMENTARY: Dual fatigue syndrome

WHAT WORKS: Meeting caregivers 
on the front lines

ONLINE ONLY: 2020. Damn

October/November 2020

COVER STORY: Is your local job market heating up or cooling off?

FEATURE: Maintaining your mental health during covid

ANALYSIS: Going virtual with covid hospital at home

WHAT WORKS: Physician peer support works

NEWS BRIEFS: The $16 trillion pandemic

September 2020

COVER STORY: Testing supplies: conserving a precious commodity

Q&A: Black voices in health care matter

WHAT WORKS: Battling the other epidemic: opioids

COMMENTARY: Doing tomorrow’s discharges today

PROGRESS NOTES: Pre- and post-covid couture

NEWS BRIEFS: CMS boosts payment for covid care

August 2020

Staying safe

COVER STORY: Staying safe

Q&A: Planning for disasters that come in twos

WHAT WORKS: Physician wellness takes on new urgency

NEWS BRIEFS: Inpatient volumes continue to rebound


July 2020

july 2020 180


COMMENTARY: Charge forward with change management

WHAT WORKS: Speeding up research

SOUND OFF: How covid has
 changed practice

NEWS BRIEFS: Patient satisfaction becomes patient appreciation

June 2020

past issue june cover

COVER STORY: Your disappearing census

COMMENTARY: When healers suffer

SOUND OFF: Coronavirus lessons learned

PROGRESS NOTES: The new heroes in the hospital

NEWS BRIEFS: Covid’s impact on medical training

May 2020

May 2020 - past issues

COVER STORY: Stories from the covid front lines

FEATURE: Should you steer clear of your own family?

Q&A: Helping pediatric hospitals plan for the surge

COMMENTARY: A proposal: hospitalist “hotshots”

PROGRESS NOTES: Stuck between “then” and “now”

SOUND OFF: How might coronavirus change hospital medicine? 

April 2020

COVER STORY: Coronavirus: It’s here

FEATURE: Septic shock: diagnosis and management

ANALYSIS: Hospitalist ROI: What do C-suite 
execs really think?

Q&A: How to improve respiratory rate readings

BY THE NUMBERS: Social admissions and prolonged services

WHAT WORKS: Tiered safety huddles target zero harm

POLL: Bonuses and incentives

NEWS BRIEFS: Coronavirus viability

March 2020

past issue february 2020

COVER STORY: Note bloat: problems with cut and paste

FEATURE: Communication skills to mitigate conflict

BY THE NUMBERS: What’s your payer mix?

Q&A: “C. diff walks into a hospital … “

WHAT WORKS: Peer coaching can relieve physician burnout

CAREER: Letters of intent: Should you sign?

PROGRESS NOTES: Hospital medicine conference 2020

POLL: A look at IMG hospitalists

NEWS BRIEFS: Sharp rise seen 
in sepsis rates, costs

February 2020

past issue february 2020

COVER STORY: Telemedicine: How one service may lead to (many) others

Q&A: Comanagement falls short in hip fracture patients

WHAT WORKS: The race to identify sepsis early

PROGRESS NOTES: It takes a whole hospital…

POLL: Who’s working nights and weekends?

NEWS BRIEFS: Bad news for Vitamin C cocktail

January 2020

past issue january 2020

COVER STORY: Crafting the best comanagement agreements

FEATURE: Treating inpatient lung infections: the latest recommendations

BY THE NUMBERS: Stress test on economic trends

WHAT WORKS: Tough conversations: What to say when sharing a bad prognosis

COMMENTARY: Surviving physician staffing shortages

POLL: A look at academic hospitalists