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December 2017

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COVER STORY: Drinking (your coffee) alone?

FEATURE: Tackling skin and soft tissue infections

ANALYSIS: Are you ordering the right DOAC dose?

Q&A: Practicing without a playbook

BY THE NUMBERS: Predicting death and other bad things

WHAT WORKS: Moving beyond small talk to real issues

MARKETPLACE: Hospital medicine: the card game

PROGRESS NOTES: How do YOU plan to spend your holiday?

POLL: A look at covering nights, weekends

From the Editor: ‘Tis the Season-to connect

November 2017

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COVER STORY: Burning out?

FEATURE: When the hurricanes hit

Q&A: Most opioid scripts go to only 10% of users

BY THE NUMBERS: Patients on the move? Here’s how to bill

WHAT WORKS: How to deliver more cost-conscious care

PRACTICE CLOSEUPS: Practice directory

POLL: A look at bonuses and incentives

MARKETPLACE: Boosting hand-hygiene rates

LETTERS: More on building teams with NPs/PAs

FROM THE EDITOR: New survey, perennial problem

October 2017

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COVER STORY: Preventing readmissions

FEATURE: No evidence, so just stop

FEATURE: CT to PET scans: What hospitalists need to know

Q&A: Loose in a room of horrors!

BY THE NUMBERS: A dumb way to die

WHAT WORKS: Don’t buy into HCAHPS? Homegrown surveys can help


POLL: A look at shifts, schedules 

NEWS BRIEFS: Only 10% of opioid users account for most scripts 

FROM THE EDITOR: Really improving patient experience

September 2017

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COVER STORY: Building your team with NPs/PAs

FEATURE: Is that patient really allergic to penicillin?

FEATURE: Hospital medicine and opioids

Q&A: Are you over-testing troponins?

BY THE NUMBERS: The ins and outs of observation billing

WHAT WORKS: Documentation: getting residents up to speed

COMMENTARY: Hospital medicine in the nation’s heroin capital

PROGRESS NOTES: Confessions of specialists

POLL: What do you do at discharge?

NEWS BRIEFS: Majority of U.S. doctors now support single payer

FROM THE EDITOR: The opioid epidemic: the professional and personal

August 2017

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COVER STORY: Are you struggling with early discharges? 

FEATURE: ID emergencies

FEATURE: Apps at the bedside 

FEATURE: C. diff infections: Going from “worst in the nation” to “best in the state” 

ANALYSIS: Treating addiction in the hospital, not just withdrawal

Q&A: Are you writing too many NPO orders? 

WHAT WORKS: On the road: bridging inpatient-outpatient care

POLL: A look at academic hospitalists

PROFILE: Making specialty care accessible 

NEWS BRIEFS: Mortality: It pays to have health insurance 

FROM THE EDITOR: How well do you work with others? 

July 2017

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COVER STORY:The white coats vs. the blue suits

FEATURE: Periop snafus: What went wrong?

ANALYSIS: Embracing e-consults

BY THE NUMBERS: Know yourself

WHAT WORKS: Making the most of a step-down unit

COMMENTARY: The case against discharge before noon

POLL: Do you feel respected?

PROGRESS NOTES: Opiates and the media

NEWS BRIEFS: Major teaching hospitals score low mortality rates

LETTERS: More on sharing an ED-hospital medicine director

FROM THE EDITOR: Doctors vs. administrators: Can they get along?

June 2017

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COVER STORY: How to onboard new hires

FEATURE: Tele-hospital medicine branches out

Q&A: Timing is everything in preventing C. diff

BY THE NUMBERS: Bend, don’t break

WHAT WORKS: Can comanagement help reduce burnout?

COMMENTARY: F%@* cancer: Tattoos and personal connections

MARKETPLACE: End-of-life planning made easy 

POLL: A look at patient encounters

NEWS BRIEFS:  Bad news for (low-volume) older hospitalists

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: More on observation status 

FROM THE EDITOR: Burnout front and center 

May 2017

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COVER STORY: Can’t stop your patients from leaving AMA?

FEATURE: The problems that derail QI projects

Q&A: Is quality improvement cost-effective?

ON THE WARDS: Honest mistakes that can get you sued

BY THE NUMBERS: Billing palliative care services

WHAT WORKS: Fighting with the ED?

COMMENTARY: The case for immigration reform

PROGRESS NOTES: If airports were like hospitals…

NEWS BRIEFS: Inequities in U.S. health care

FROM THE EDITOR: QI: the good, the bad and the cost-effective

April 2017

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COVER STORY: Should you be holding bedside rounds? 

FEATURE: How to manage neurologic emergencies 

ANALYSIS: Are you data literate? 

ON THE WARDS: The risks of being popular – and how to manage them 

WHAT WORKS: Do you need to embed a pharmacist?  

BY THE NUMBERS: Up, down and all around

COMMENTARY: An uncommon career move

PROGRESS NOTES: The illusion of observation status 

POLL: Do you like your job? 

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospitalists who spend more don’t have better outcomes

LETTERS: More on antibiotic stewardship

FROM THE EDITOR: Team building 

March 2017

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COVER STORY: How to succeed with bundled payments

FEATURE: What’s new in treating ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis

ANALYSIS: Why do residents order unnecessary tests?

Q&A: Antibiotic overuse in asthma patients

WHAT WORKS: A structured approach 
to opiate dosing

CODING: Billing two visits a day for one patient? Not so fast

COMMENTARY: Geography vs. continuity

PROFILE: Down home on the (hospital) farm

POLL: What do you do besides patient care?

FROM THE EDITOR: Are bundled payments a sure thing?

February 2017

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COVER STORY: Prescribing too many antibiotics?

FEATURE: Four ACS pearls for hospitalists

ANALYSIS: What are women doctors doing right?

BY THE NUMBERS: Do your residents have documentation skills?

WHAT WORKS: Need to improve handoffs

POLL: What are your biggest problems?

BACK-TALK: A hospitalist wish list for 2017

PROGRESS NOTES: The physical exam by specialty

FROM THE EDITOR: New urgency to antibiotic stewardship



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COVER STORY: What’s the best day of the week to go back on service?

FEATURE: Time to rethink pneumonia treatment strategies?

ANALYSIS: Is it risky to extubate patients at night?

Q&A: Pushback on readmission penalties

BY THE NUMBERS: An honest day’s work

WHAT WORKS: NP hospitalists: the right rural staffing model?

PROFILE: Bringing nonphysicians into the fold

POLL: A look at shifts, rates

FROM THE EDITOR: Maximizing continuity