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 November 2015


COVER STORY: Happy holidays! (except for your schedule)

FEATURE: What do ACOs need from hospitalists?

ANALYSIS: Think you know who your super-users are? Think again

Q&A: Want to boost patient satisfaction scores?

CODING TIPS: ICD-10: It’s all about the specifics

WHAT WORKS: How to get patients out of bed and moving

ON THE WARDS: The chores we hate

COMMENTARY: How to cure EMRitis

POLL: A look at
time spent on (and pay for) non-clinical duties

NEWS BRIEFS: FDA approves dabigatran antidote

FROM THE EDITOR: Home for the holidays?

October 2015


COVER STORY: How well do you work with consultants?

FEATURE: Managing alcohol withdrawal

FEATURE: Periop comanagement: What tests do you need?

FEATURE: What diagnostic tests should you use for pneumonia?

ANALYSIS: What’s really behind readmissions?

Q&A: iPads, portals and patient engagement

NEWS: A monumental acquisition

COMMENTARY: O Captain! My Captain!

ON THE WARDS: How to improve your life with surgeons

CODING TIPS: ICD-10 is “alive.” Now what?

WHAT WORKS: Overwhelmed with floor calls? Answer off-site

POLL: What do hospitalists look for in a new job?

NEWS BRIEFS: Anesthesiologists nix 10-year MOC exam

FROM THE EDITOR: Smoothing out some rough road

September 2015


COVER STORY: What incentives do you need to attract nocturnists?

FEATURE: The new new metrics

FEATURE: When is it safe to de-escalate HCAP therapy?

FEATURE: What you can do to improve resuscitation

CODING TIPS: Preop clearance: consult or transfer of care?

ANALYSIS: Staffing up for a “7-day” hospital

Q&A: New warnings on stress hyperglycemia

WHAT WORKS: Satisfied in Seattle

POLL: A look at nonphysician providers

NEWS BRIEFS: TeamHealth to buy hospitalist giant IPC

LETTERS: More on coming to work sick

FROM THE EDITOR: How do you fill the shifts?

August 2015


COVER STORY: You have the big idea. Can you do the research?

FEATURE: ID pearls

ANALYSIS: Can you renovate your way to better satisfaction scores?

Q&A: A radical rethinking of periop medicine

ON THE WARDS: How violent is your hospital?

NEWS: Going all in for bundled payments

CODING TIPS: Vacation deprivation

WHAT WORKS: A novel RRT model lowers mortality

POLL: A look at hospitalists’ career plans

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospitalists: still in demand

FROM THE EDITOR: Research: not just
an academic problem

July 2015


COVER STORY: Does your EHR need a (major) redesign?

FEATURE: Tackling hospital-onset delirium

FEATURE: Rethinking how you prescribe opioids

FEATURE: How to avoid ACA penalties

ANALYSIS: Burning out? Do you need a new boss?

Q&A: What happens when doctors go digital?

CODING TIPS: Can you get paid for two services in one day?

WHAT WORKS: Team nurse a plus for patient experience

COMMENTARY: Good boss, bad boss

POLL: How happy are hospitalists with what they make?

NEWS BRIEFS: CMS: another year
of doc payment data

FROM THE EDITOR: Is your EHR working out for you?

June 2015


COVER STORY: Is belt-tightening squeezing your practice?

FEATURE: Balancing act: managing medications in elderly patients

FEATURE: How to prevent and treat constipation

FEATURE: Making the ACA work for you

ANALYSIS: Are you the problem in EOL discussions?

Q&A: Hospitalists score big with comanagement

CODING TIPS: Population health 101

ON THE WARDS: Averaging workloads in a unit-based world

WHAT WORKS: Growing pains in group leadership

POLL: Bed size and competition

NEWS BRIEFS: Burning out?
It could be your boss

LETTERS: Bringing PCPs back to the hospital?

FROM THE EDITOR: The best of times?

 May 2015


COVER STORY: Can you age well in hospital medicine?

FEATURE: Perioperative controversies

FEATURE: What to look for in a new contract

ANALYSIS: Are you ordering unneeded tests?

Q&A: Face-to-face handoffs: Do you really need them?

CODING TIPS: A matter of timing

WHAT WORKS: A novel approach to end-of-life care

POLL: A look at recruiting incentives and noncompetes

FROM THE EDITOR: Hospital medicine: Should one size fit all?

April 2015


COVER STORY: Could you drag PCPs back to the hospital? And would you even want to?

ANALYSIS: Conflicting therapies for heart failure patients

Q&A: Taking tips from your own advice line

CODING TIPS: Standardized work

ON THE WARDS: The forgotten cause of chest pain

WHAT WORKS: Taking on C. diff

COMMENTARY: The “jersey wars”

ICD-10 UPDATE: ICD-10 déjà vu

POLL: How are you using social media?

NEWS BRIEFS: A strong case for RAC reform

FROM THE EDITOR: Back to the future?

March 2015


COVER STORY: Do you need to be upfront about moonlighting?

FEATURE: Moving the needle on transfusions

Q&A: Are you ordering too many sleep meds?

CODING TIPS: The rules for teaching physicians

WHAT WORKS: A little-known theory can pay big dividends

POLL: What big problems do you face in your practice?

LETTERS: More on ED-hospitalist integration

FROM THE EDITOR: Moonlighting: costs and efficiency

February 2015

2015februarycoverCOVER STORY: Afraid to answer your phone when you’re off?

FEATURE: How to diagnose and manage VTE

Q&A: Changing what you prescribe for skin infections

ON THE WARDS: Avoiding the big mistakes in malpractice

CODING TIPS: Discharging Mr. Wood

WHAT WORKS: What it takes to be a regional transfer center

COMMENTARY: The view from inside the robot

POLL: A look at patient encounters

NEWS BRIEFS: Overriding medication warnings

FROM THE EDITOR: Taxes, death and being on call?

January 2015


COVER STORY: Surgicalists: Why aren’t they in your hospital?

FEATURE: How to manage heart failure

Q&A: Reducing pneumonia readmissions

CODING TIPS: The ins and outs of transitional care codes

WHAT WORKS: Want to boost your number of advance directives?

POLL: A look at call pay for hospitalists

LETTERS: More on recertification

FROM THE EDITOR: New year, new updates