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November 2013


COVER STORY: Special anniversary coverage

10TH ANNIVERSARY COVERAGE: A look at hospitalists’ power in hospitals

10TH ANNIVERSARY COVERAGE: For hospital medicine, burnout is a continuing threat

10TH ANNIVERSARY COVERAGE: Transitional care

10TH ANNIVERSARY COVERAGE: New careers for physicians

CODING: Medicare’s two-midnight rule

ANALYSIS: Time to bring alcohol and drug screening in-house?

Q&A: Hands off outpatient regimens!

WHAT WORKS: Measuring manageable days

COMMENTARY: Give the ACA a chance

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospitalists and heart failure outcomes

FROM THE EDITOR: Apparently, not a fad

October 2013


COVER STORY: The struggle to bring new programs on board

FEATURE: The brave new world of ACOs “and beyond

FEATURE: New strategies for treating HIV

FEATURE: Stuff you just shouldn’t do

BUILDING BETTER ROUNDS: Downstream effects of unit-based care

Q&A: Rethinking nighttime vitals

Q&A: Reducing telemetry days

COMMENTARY: Leaving clinical medicine

CODING: On the inside looking in

WHAT WORKS: Trouble recruiting? Try more schedule options

LETTERS: Setting the record straight on observation care

NEWS BRIEFS: Gender gap endures

FROM THE EDITOR: Old problems, new challenges

September 2013


COVER STORY: Sending SNFs all the wrong information?

FEATURE: Your scariest patient: sick and pregnant

ON THE WARDS: What to do when your EHR is a dud

ANALYSIS: Why is a promising therapy so rarely used?

CODING: Billing critical care

WHAT WORKS: Code Sepsis: the need for speed

MARKETPLACE: Putting all the pieces together in one platform

NEWS BRIEFS: Readmission-penalty pain

FROM THE EDITOR: Heading off readmissions from post-acute care

August 2013


COVER STORY: What?! This patient should be in observation?!?

FEATURE: ID pearls

BUILDING BETTER ROUNDS: Unit-based care: saving money and making converts

ANALYSIS: Figuring out best practices, and saving money too

Q&A: Want new technology? Be careful what you wish for

WHAT WORKS: One hospital’s solution to night coverage

CODING: MD or non-MD? That is the question

PROFILE: Helping patients get the picture

COMMENTARY: Block time

NEWS BRIEFS: Should hospitals scale back on vitals at night?

FROM THE EDITOR: Frustrated with observation?

July 2013 


COVER STORY: Is there a signing bonus in that recruitment package?

FEATURE: This year’s big debates in perioperative medicine

ANALYSIS: Making the case for noninvasive ventilation

Q&A: Keeping it simple with insulin regimens

CODING: How specific does your documentation need to be?

WHAT WORKS: Team nurses: taking care of all the details

COMMENTARY: The end of the world as I know it

PROFILE: An MD, an MBA and a war

POLL: How many hospitalists work outside the wards?

NEWS BRIEFS: MRSA prevention: Treat the entire ICU

FROM THE EDITOR: Here’s to new careers

June 2013

2013junecoverCOVER STORY: Do you get paid time off?

FEATURE: Universal admitters: hospitalists’ new identity?

BUILDING BETTER ROUNDS: Unit-based rounds: politics and finance

CODING: Template transgressions

ANALYSIS: Diuresis: a more aggressive approach

Q&A: What’s an unsafe census in your hospital?

WHAT WORKS: No longer lost in translation

COMMENTARY: Rounding up the usual suspects

PROFILE: A powerful mix: motherhood and medicine

POLL: What’s most important to you in a new job?

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospital charges: what retail looks like

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: The debate over paid time off

May 2013


COVER STORY: Locum hospitalists: lifesavers, or a serious threat?

FEATURE: No antidote: reversal strategies for newer anticoagulants

FEATURE: A tough road for young group leaders

BUILDING BETTER ROUNDS: Getting started: moving toward unit-based care

CODING: Some new codes (and respect for) transitional care

ANALYSIS: Pneumonia care: making the call in tough cases

Q&A: Taking advantage of NPO

WHAT WORKS: Rethinking IV haloperidol orders

PROFILE: An entrepreneur in a new market

POLL: How much do hospitalists working locum really make?

NEWS BRIEFS: Best DVT-prevention practices

LETTERS: Bad advice in “Hem/onc emergencies”

FROM THE EDITOR: What’s not to like about being young?

April 2013


COVER STORY: Are difficult doctors sabotaging your practice?

FEATURE: Getting out of your comfort zone with opioid-tolerant patients

FEATURE: Want a better discharge? Build a better hospital stay

ANALYSIS: Under new management

Q&A: Breaking a bad habit

CODING: Accountable care 101

WHAT WORKS: A new workflow

COMMENTARY: The hospitalist’s wingman

PROFILE: Finding a much broader perspective

MARKETPLACE: A new twist on infection prevention

FROM THE EDITOR: The changing face of readmissions

March 2013


COVER STORY: It’s his first job. Is he having trouble keeping up?

FEATURE: Job interview dos and don’ts

FEATURE: Hem/onc emergencies

ANALYSIS: No longer benign: hyponatremia and postop outcomes

Q&A: Consulting curbside? Listener, beware!

CODING: Confused about observation billing?

WHAT WORKS: Why don’t more patients get VTE prophylaxis?

ON THE WARDS: Are weekends hazardous to patients’ health?

COMMENTARY: So God made a hospitalist

POLL: A look at hospitalist compensation

NEWS BRIEFS: Is hospitalist workload unsafe for patients?

FROM THE EDITOR: A tough first year?

February 2013


COVER STORY: Is it time for a real office?

FEATURE: Critical care update

Q&A: Hospital shootings: rare, with “directed” motives

CODING: Medicare’s new sticks and carrots

WHAT WORKS: Cutting readmission rates in half

POLL: A look at hospitalist incentives

MARKETPLACE: Cutting through the clutter

FROM THE EDITOR: The pros and cons of physician incentives

Today’s Hospitalist Special Report IV Acetaminophen: The Hospitalist’s Perspective

January 2013


COVER STORY: Back away from the donuts!

FEATURE: Pneumonia update: Less is more when it comes to antibiotics

FEATURE: Turning IT to your advantage

ANALYSIS: Re-tooling the evening huddle

Q&A: The long game for better hand hygiene

WHAT WORKS: Going in-house

CODING: How to bill for critical care and dual services

COMMENTARY: Where’s the evidence?

PROFILE; The rock-and-roll cure

MARKETPLACE: A direct shot for direct admissions

POLL: How much respect do you get?

NEWS BRIEFS; Conflicting evidence in heart failure treatment

FROM THE EDITOR: Some inspiration for the New Year