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December 2014

COVER STORY: Considering a hybrid practice?

FEATURE: The year in review

UNCLOGGING THE HOSPITAL: "Managing up" to improve patient flow

WHAT WORKS: Cardiac telemetry: eliminating overuse

NEWS: Fighting Ebola on the ground

POLL: A look at patient types

FROM THE EDITOR: Giving post-acute care a new look
November Compensation Guide 2014

COVER STORY: Compensation: experience pays off

FEATURE: Demographics: A look at hospitalists in 2014
November 2014

COVER STORY: Integrated ED-hospitalist services: coming to a hospital near you?

FEATURE: Common? Yes. Evidence-based? No.

UNCLOGGING THE HOSPITAL: Getting rid of what doesn't work

Q&A: VTE prevention: aspirin or anticoagulants?

CODING TIPS: Medical numeracy

WHAT WORKS: Targeting "frequent landers"


POLL: A look at hospitalist group size

NEWS BRIEFS: Ebola: new hospital guidelines

FROM THE EDITOR: A new management model?
October 2014

COVER STORY: Hospitalists speak out about recertification

UNCLOGGING THE HOSPITAL: Are you fixing patient flow problems, or causing them?

Q&A: Separating DNI from DNR discussions

WHAT WORKS: Drowning in note bloat?

COMMENTARY: "Now that you're an attending, are you respected as one?"

MARKETPLACE: Not your parents' lab coat

POLL: A look at hospitalists in ICUs

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospital medicine: 44,000 and counting

FROM THE EDITOR: More angst than anger
September 2014

COVER STORY: Need a simpler way to do transfers?

FEATURE: Caring for the LGBT community

Q&A: Linking inpatients to addiction treatment

ON THE WARDS: Never seen?

CODING TIPS: Not too long, not too short, just right

WHAT WORKS: Post-ECMO patients: steep learning curve, deep skills

PROFILE: Medical writing you don't need to be sick to read

MARKETPLACE: Toward better transitions of care

POLL: A look at hospitalist schedules

NEWS BRIEFS: CDC issues ebola advisory

FROM THE EDITOR: Rethinking the need for speed

VIDEO: Alternative scheduling to seven-on/seven-off
August 2014

COVER STORY: Part of a new group network?

FEATURE: Are you giving HCAP patients too many antibiotics?

ANALYSIS: How depression affects readmissions

CODING TIPS: Medical necessity, or medically necessary?

WHAT WORKS: Shutting down orders for duplicate tests

POLL: How big is your bonus?

LETTERS: ED-hospitalist handoffs

FROM THE EDITOR: Learning how to get along
July 2014

COVER STORY: Drowning in quality improvement projects?

FEATURE: Common mistakes in treating heart failure

FEATURE: What keeps your CFO awake at night?

Q&A: The high price of heavy workloads


WHAT WORKS: Want to cut readmissions? Try hitting "record"

COMMENTARY: The struggling physician

POLL: A look at hospitalist shifts

NEWS BRIEFS: Azithromycin and pneumonia

FROM THE EDITOR: Getting smarter about saying "no"
June 2014

COVER STORY: Dealing with seasonal surges

FEATURE: Perioperative controversies

ANALYSIS: Bringing surrogate decision-makers into the loop

CODING TIPS: The right way(s) to bill for prolonged care

WHAT WORKS: Taking 15 minutes for "sugar rounds"

COMMENTARY: Call me maybe?

POLL: What are hospitalists doing at discharge?

MARKETPLACE: A "general contractor" for bundled payments

NEWS BRIEFS: MERS lands in the U.S.

FROM THE EDITOR: Flexing up for patient surges
May 2014

COVER STORY: Making part-timers work for your practice

FEATURE: The search for hospitalist wellbeing

ANALYSIS: Taking on oncology comanagement

Q&A: Time to rein in opiates in the hospital?

CODING TIPS: ICD-10 delay? Keep the momentum going

WHAT WORKS: How good are your handoffs? Ask your colleagues

COMMENTARY: Public reporting and preventable harm

POLL: A look at patient encounters per shift

NEWS BRIEFS: Seeing more patients? Your costs will rise

LETTERS: Outpatient regimens

FROM THE EDITOR: Delaying ICD-10: good or bad news?
April 2014

COVER STORY: Two-midnight rule: What's the right strategy?

FEATURE: Group leadership: a balancing act

Q&A: An open-door policy

CODING TIPS: Chairs and whiteboards

WHAT WORKS: Hands-on learning improves sepsis outcomes

PROFILE: Making global health a sustainable career

MARKETPLACE: Financial smarts for independent groups

POLL: How do hospitalist groups cover nights?

NEWS BRIEFS: The high costs of "penicillin allergy"

FROM THE EDITOR: Happy patients?
March 2014

COVER STORY: Ducking out early?

FEATURE: Building ACOs from the ground up

FEATURE: Working up altered states

ANALYSIS: Getting outpatient physicians to step up

Q&A: Fistbumps, not handshakes, to prevent infections

CODING TIPS: Split visits, transfers and consults

WHAT WORKS: Med rec and respiratory therapists:
a good fit

MARKETPLACE: It's all about the signout

COMMENTARY: Reducing readmissions

POLL: A look at mobile devices in the hospital

NEWS BRIEFS: CMS extends "two-midnight" review period

LETTERS: "Leaving AMA"

PRACTICE CLOSEUPS: Physicians' Practice Enhancement LLC

FROM THE EDITOR: Putting in the hours?
February 2014

COVER STORY: Discharging delirium patients on too many medications?

FEATURE: Treating acute ischemic stroke

ANALYSIS: How to deal with colleagues' errors

ON THE WARDS: EMTALA: It's not just about the ED

CODING TIPS: Doctor-patient communication for (physician) dummies

WHAT WORKS: Scribes: the solution for too much paperwork

PROFILE: Russia in February

MARKETPLACE: Marketing expertise in unit-based care

POLL: How satisfied are hospitalists with their careers?

NEWS BRIEFS: Are readmission rates continuing to fall?

FROM THE EDITOR: The next frontier in preventing readmissions?
January 2014

COVER STORY: Want a bigger partner?

FEATURE: Is it time to open up your notes?

FEATURE: Choosing a new oral anticoagulant

ANALYSIS: A game-changer in MRSA prevention

Q&A: What should you do for AMA patients?

ON THE WARDS: Interrupted much?

CODING TIPS: HPI: a new documentation option

WHAT WORKS: Keeping patients out of the hospital

POLL: What do hospitalists think about Obamacare?

NEWS BRIEFS: Inpatient opioid prescribing

FROM THE EDITOR: Time to think big?

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