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December 2012

COVER STORY: New York hospitals and the hurricane

FEATURE: The new busy

FEATURE: Struggling with warfarin initiation and dosing

ANALYSIS: Teaching rounds: Out with the old, but in with what?

Q&A: The pros (and cons) of unit-based staffing

CODING TIPS: Disappearing dollars?

WHAT WORKS: Tackling low patient satisfaction scores

POLL: A look at hospitalist schedules

MARKETPLACE: Transitional care: personal touch and technology

NEWS BRIEFS: Do cardiologists do a better job preventing readmissions?

FROM THE EDITOR: The new normal: hospitalists' expanding job description
November 2012

COVER STORY: Why do women hospitalists make less money?

FEATURE: Making the business case for med rec

FEATURE: Fast track in critical care training?

ANALYSIS: CPR: Longer may be better

Q&A: When the figures don't add up

CODING TIPS: Common documentation errors

WHAT WORKS: Toward detente with the ED

PROFILE: Vegas, baby!

MARKETPLACE: Getting doctors into the kitchen

POLL: A look at hospitalist group size

NEWS BRIEFS: New anticoagulants and ACS bleeding risk

FROM THE EDITOR: Gender gap: bias or more work options?
October Compensation Guide 2012

COMPENSATION & CAREER GUIDE: Has hospitalist pay finally peaked?
October 2012

COVER STORY: Making the case for portable ultrasound

FEATURE: The locum life

FEATURE: How to move on after a medical error

FEATURE: Stepping up to antibiotic stewardship

ANALYSIS: Making information a two-way street

Q&A: Cost and utilization: no longer taboo topics

CODING TIPS: Life goes on

WHAT WORKS: How to take the squabbling out of scheduling

ON THE WARDS: Listening to nurses

COMMENTARY: Of donkeys and kings

POLL: A look at hospitalist part-timers

MARKETPLACE: Way more than Facebook for physicians

NEWS BRIEFS: CPR: Longer is better

FROM THE EDITOR: The other "voltage drop"
September 2012

COVER STORY: Do you need to be certified in palliative care?

FEATURE: Myths and facts about working with NPs/PAs

FEATURE: Game-changing studies for hospital medicine

FEATURE: Tips for managing decompensated liver disease

CODING TIPS: Billing observation services? Not so fast

ANALYSIS: How RRTs affect your workload and morale

WHAT WORKS: Getting to "no"

Q&A: Postop bouncebacks? Blame the surgeons

Q&A: What to expect when the Joint Commission comes to call

COMMENTARY: Health care isn't cheesecake

MEDICAL APPS: What's on your iPhone?

MARKETPLACE: Taking the fear out of clinical probabilities

POLL: A look at hospitalists who teach

FROM THE EDITOR: Tensions around quality improvement
August 2012

COVER STORY: A look at handoff innovations

FEATURE: How to handle drug overdoses

FEATURE: Getting ready for value-based purchasing

CODING TIPS: Is time really on your side?

ANALYSIS: Doctors behaving not too badly

WHAT WORKS: Making headway with hospital at home

POLL: A look at hospitalist job plans

MARKETPLACE: A smart bed

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospitalists: the hot recruit

FROM THE EDITOR: Ready for the next wave of innovation?
July 2012

COVER STORY: Taking your tablet to work?

FEATURE: This year's crop of perioperative controversies

ANALYSIS: Sleepless in the hospital?

Q&A: To improve AMI care, start talking

CODING TIPS: Consult codes: (mostly) gone, but still a problem

WHAT WORKS: Scripting tough talks

COMMENTARY: Lessons learned

POLL: A look at hospitalist schedules

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospitalists behaving badly?

LETTERS: More on PA training

FROM THE EDITOR: Talking it out
June 2012

COVER STORY: Need a better break room at night?

FEATURE: The rewards and challenges of treating psychiatric patients

FEATURE: How well do you manage conflict?

ANALYSIS: If it ain't broke...

CODING TIPS: Decision-making: medicine's shades of grey

WHAT WORKS: High-tech handwashing

COMMENTARY: There's an app for that

POLL: A look at paid time off

NEWS BRIEFS: The risks of leaving AMA

LETTERS: More on discharge medications

FROM THE EDITOR: Some space and some respect
May 2012

COVER STORY: How does your region stack up?

Q&A: When optimism isn't called for

ON THE WARDS: The "you-know-what" in the room

ANALYSIS: PAs and hospital medicine

MALPRACTICE CASE STUDY: A fatal case of miscommunication

CODING TIPS: Transferring a patient? Here's how to bill

WHAT WORKS: Taking a team approach to admissions

COMMENTARY: Too much specialization?

MARKETPLACE: A smarter smartphone

POLL: A look at discharge planning strategies

NEWS BRIEFS: Guidelines for restrictive transfusion triggers

LETTERS: More on the "patient experience"

FROM THE EDITOR: A geography lesson
April 2012

COVER STORY: Making plans for health care reform

FEATURE: Taming scary arrhythmias

FEATURE: The onslaught of nutraceuticals

ANALYSIS: Dialing back transfusion triggers

Q&A: Inpatient alcohol withdrawal: a new approach (maybe)

CODING TIPS: Are medical students and residents cheap labor?

POLL: A look at hospitalists' career plans

WHAT WORKS: Rx to go

COMMENTARY: Hurry up and wait

CODING CHALLENGE: How to bill with two doctors on the case

NEWS BRIEFS: Surrogates' optimistic bias in the ICU

FROM THE EDITOR: Getting a leg up on health care reform
March 2012

COVER STORY: What's the sweet spot for unit-based staffing?

FEATURE: Admitting dialysis patients

ANALYSIS: COPD exacerbation? Consider azithromycin

Q&A: Doing everything right, but results are elusive

CODING TIPS: Switching from observation to admission

WHAT WORKS: A new kind of RVU

COMMENTARY: The "patient experience"

POLL: A look at bonuses and incentives

PROFILE: A second day job half a world away

NEWS BRIEFS: Patient satisfaction scores: Who's happy?

LETTERS: An old take on "transitionalists"

FROM THE EDITOR: More localizationóand influence
February 2012

COVER STORY: Thinking of admitting this patient? Think again

FEATURE: How to manage acute kidney injury

FEATURE: Walking the walk in transitional care

Q&A: Managing pain in sickle cell

CODING TIPS: Initial observation care? Time is on your side

WHAT WORKS: Have iPadócan travel

COMMENTARY: The Resident (with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)

POLL: A look at hospitalist work in the ICU

MARKETPLACE: Automating the post-discharge call

LETTERS: Midlevels and night shifts

FROM THE EDITOR: More new turf
January 2012

COVER STORY: You're fired! (by your patient, not your group)

FEATURE: The high-yield neuro exam

FEATURE: Hospital medicine: a young person's game?

ON THE WARDS: "A meaningful dialogue" ... or not

CODING TIPS: This year's ICD-9 update

ANALYSIS: Better transitional care? Good luck getting in the door

ANALYSIS: What new PCI guidelines mean for hospitalists

WHAT WORKS: Pharmacists head off anticoagulation complications

POLL: A look at hospitalist autonomy

MARKETPLACE: Stop chilling!

NEWS BRIEFS: A new twist on readmissions

FROM THE EDITOR: Patients and families at their most vulnerable
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