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December 2011

COVER STORY: Nocturnists: Soaring volumes mean trouble at night

FEATURE: What you need to know to prescribe dabigatran

Q&A: In hospital-acquired anemia, blood draws are suspect

Q&A: Fewer duplicate orders with CPOE? You may see more

COMMENTARY: ďA vote for DeLue is a vote for you!Ē

CODING TIPS: Itís the end of the world as we know it

WHAT WORKS: How to improve door-in-door-out times

PROFILE: New beginnings

POLL: A look at who hospitalists work for

FROM THE EDITOR: Surviving the graveyard shift
November 2011

COVER STORY: Teaching and nonteaching services: Separate no more?

FEATURE: Productivity: What's your sweet spot?

MALPRACTICE CASE STUDY: When comanagement is mismanagement

CODING TIPS: How to bill for subsequent observation care

COMMENTARY: Kumbaya in the ED

ANALYSIS: Prime time for procalcitonin?

POLL: How many of your hospital's patients do you admit?

WHAT WORKS: Making a dent in heart failure readmissions

NEWS BRIEFS: What curbs readmissions? Apparently, not much

LETTERS: Improving documentation

FROM THE EDITOR: Mending fences
October Compensation Guide 2011

COMPENSATION & CAREER GUIDE: Your pay is rising, but so are expectations
October 2011

COVER STORY: Leaving so soon?

FEATURE: Rehabbing a contract

FEATURE: Stopping sepsis

FEATURE: How to detect delirium

CODING TIPS: Brave new world

COMMENTARY: Don't sweat it

WHAT WORKS: Getting serious about fall prevention

MARKETPLACE: Fighting a formidable foe

POLL: A look at nonphysician providers

NEWS BRIEFS: The high price of new duty-hour rules

FROM THE EDITOR: How soon is too soon to leave a new job?
September 2011

COVER STORY: Do hospitalists really cost more?

FEATURE: What to zero in on for hip fracture patients

FEATURE: How to move patients through the ED faster

FEATURE: Making headway with difficult patients

CODING TIPS: Beware of leading queries

ANALYSIS: A "good discharge" doesn't mean fewer readmissions

ON THE WARDS: Not all transfer patients are created equal

WHAT WORKS: Breaking the Foley habit

COMMENTARY: The best patient satisfaction survey ever!

POLL: A look at night coverage

MARKETPLACE: Using light as a disinfectant

NEWS BRIEFS: Chances are, you'll be sued

FROM THE EDITOR: Hospital medicine's bad press
August 2011

COVER STORY: Family leave: making it work

FEATURE: Preop evaluations: which risk-reduction strategies work?

FEATURE: Problems with handoffs?

ANALYSIS: Trouble in academia

PEDIATRICS: What's in the literature?

COMMENTARY: My own private conspiracy

CODING TIPS: Billing discharge services

Q&A: Calling a timeout

WHAT WORKS: How to move patients through the ED

POLL: A look at recruitment incentives

PROFILE: Breaking into video

MARKETPLACE: The skinny on apps

NEWS BRIEFS: Once-a-day pill approved for DVT prevention

FROM THE EDITOR: Hospital medicine's age deficit
July 2011

COVER STORY: Building a better discharge

FEATURE: Taking the hit

FEATURE: Answers to frequent ID questions

FEATURE: Options for geographic units and multidisciplinary rounds

COMMENTARY: The 40-year-old hospitalist

CODING TIPS: Checklists: the good, the bad and the in-between

Q&A: Time to get aggressive about periop MIs

Q&A: Don't retire that (dirty) white coat

ON THE WARDS: Making nice with the ED

POLL: Hospital medicine: a long-term career?

ANALYSIS: How group structure affects outcomes

WHAT WORKS: Preventing delirium

MARKETPLACE: Protecting patients - and nurses

NEWS BRIEFS: National demand for hospitalists still strong

FROM THE EDITOR: A question of focus
June 2011

COVER STORY: Health reform is coming. Are you ready to BULK UP?

FEATURE: What is your role in preventing and treating falls?

ANALYSIS: Think you can predict readmissions? Think again

Q&A: Toward a lower troponin cutoff

ANALYSIS: Letting patients hit the panic button

COMMENTARY: Sutton's Law

POLL: A look at career satisfaction and burnout

CODING TIPS: The finer points of billing observation

WHAT WORKS: A new approach to alcohol withdrawal

PROFILE: Balancing work and play

MARKETPLACE: Inside voices, please

NEWS BRIEFS: A big jump in hospitalist subsidies

LETTERS: Discussing DNRs

FROM THE EDITOR: The buzz: It's going to get busy
May 2011

COVER STORY: Should you be rewarded for your years on the job?

FEATURE: Leadership lessons for young physicians

MALPRACTICE CASE STUDY: When pain management proves fatal

CODING TIPS: The new math

NEWS: Focused practice passes its first class

NEWS: Getting stronger by getting bigger

COMMENTARY: Family practice and hospital medicine

ANALYSIS: Overwhelmed on Wednesdays?

ANALYSIS: Want to reduce AMI mortality? Think "culture"

POLL: A look at hospitalist services and procedures

WHAT WORKS: A SWEET-FIX for stroke patients

NEWS BRIEFS: The new wave of physician employment

MARKETPLACE: Keeping tabs on radiation

LETTERS: More on readmissions

FROM THE EDITOR: Age is relative
April 2011

COVER STORY: Post-discharge clinics

FEATURE: What's behind women's pay gap?

Q&A: New drug on the block

ON THE WARDS: Getting up to speed

COMMENTARY: "Stuff a Hospitalist Says"

CODING TIPS: Making the case for a higher-level admission

ANALYSIS: DNR orders done wrong

POLL: A look at hospitalist incentives

WHAT WORKS: Better safety through scanning

MARKETPLACE: A coat that fits

NEWS BRIEFS: How hospitals reduce AMI mortality

FROM THE EDITOR: Deja vu all over again
March 2011

COVER STORY: Is your hospital getting crowded?

FEATURE: Reining in readmissions

FEATURE: Answers to key questions on treating pneumonia

ANALYSIS: Hospital medicine and health care reform

CODING TIPS: Getting back to basics

Q&A: Wiping out postop MRSA infections

PROFILE: Singer with the band

WHAT WORKS: Moving the needle on patient satisfaction scores

COMMENTARY: The wealth differential

MARKETPLACE: A tray kit brings evidence into design

POLL: A look at paid time off

NEWS BRIEFS: Racial gaps in readmission rates

FROM THE EDITOR: Sharing the power?
February 2011

COVER STORY: Admissions from the ED: Are patients leaving too fast or too slow

FEATURE: Dermatology for hospitalists: the OK, the bad and the really bad

ANALYSIS: Results are in: Gainsharing works

Q&A: Doctors behaving badly

ANALYSIS: Mixed results on the impact of comanagement

Q&A: Wrong-diagnosis anonymous

COMMENTARY: Default medicine

CODING TIPS: What's included in critical care codes?

WHAT WORKS: Drowning in paper and e-mail? A Wiki works

POLL: A look at hospitalist shifts

NEWS BRIEFS: The CMS proposes value-based incentives

FROM THE EDITOR: Hospitalists as bean counters?
January 2011

COVER STORY: Are you OK admitting this patient?

FEATURE: Getting serious about delirium

FEATURE: Brilliant ideas and common pitfalls

COMMENTARY: The hospitalist-thicist

CODING TIPS: More than one doctor? It gets complicated

ANALYSIS: Social media: not just for kids

Q&A: Taking a snapshot of your readmissions

MALPRACTICE CASE STUDY: Diagnoses are liability problem No. 1

WHAT WORKS: Saving time with smartphones

PROFILE: From disaster site to "fantasy land"

BOOK REVIEW: Checklists: not just ticking off boxes

MARKETPLACE: Wearing your medical history

POLL: A look at nonclinical duties

NEWS BRIEFS: Hospitalist comanagement: no improved outcomes

LETTERS: Flu vaccine, expert witnesses

FROM THE EDITOR: When comanagement becomes an admission
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