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December 2010

COVER STORY: Is the hot job market cooling off?


FEATURE: This year’s crop of great studies

ON THE WARDS: New hospitalists and the "parent trap"

CODING TIPS: How to steer clear of the RAC

ANALYSIS: Patient satisfaction and the code-status "talk"

WHAT WORKS: Winning the war on C. diff

COMMENTARY: 2010: the year it all changed

PROFILE: What gets treated in Vegas ...

MARKETPLACE: Off-the-shelf scheduling

POLL: A look at hospitalist admissions

NEWS BRIEFS: Adverse events in Medicare patients

FROM THE EDITOR: The year in review
November 2010

COVER STORY: Productivity: Are you keeping pace?

FEATURE: On the road

FEATURE: Steering clear of malpractice trouble

FEATURE: How to stop heart failure patients from bouncing back

CODING TIPS: Billing for prolonged services

Q&A: How much is that bed on the ward?

ANALYSIS: Coming soon: mandatory flu vaccination?

WHAT WORKS: A solution for medication reconciliation

COMMENTARY: Galapagos General

PROFILE: Hospital medicine’s sickest flow

MARKETPLACE: Taking a critical look at the evidence

POLL: The gender gap in compensation

NEWS BRIEFS: Dabigatran receives FDA approval

LETTERS: More on serving as an expert witness

FROM THE EDITOR: How hard are you working, and what are you getting paid?
October Compensation Guide 2010

COMPENSATION & CAREER GUIDE: What's happening with hospitalist compensation?

COMPENSATION & CAREER GUIDE: Hospitalist demographics
October 2010

COVER STORY: Growing pains?

FEATURE: Neurosurgery: the last comanagement frontier

FEATURE: IV insulin on the floor: not so scary after all

Q&A: Putting catheters on a clock

ANALYSIS: A day in the life

CODING TIPS: How to bill for consults and admissions

COMMENTARY: "The Real Hospitalists of New Jersey"

WHAT WORKS: How to end the handoff free-for-all

PROFILE: The battle begins

POLL: A look at comanagement and critical care

NEWS BRIEFS: New survey data on compensation

LETTERS: More on survey data

FROM THE EDITOR: Comanagement: a constant in hospital medicine
September 2010

COVER STORY: Chest pain centers: opportunity knocking?

ON THE WARDS: Consultants: their proper care and feeding

Q&A: Working in chaos?

FEATURE: How do hospitalists fit into HIV care?

Q&A: Finally, some good news about CPOE

COMMENTARY: The best of times?

CODING TIPS: Coding for consults and readmissions

WHAT WORKS: How to contain an outbreak

PROFILE: An American in Paris

MARKETPLACE: Stethoscope hygiene: a brand new bag

NEWS BRIEFS: Most physicians end up being sued

FROM THE EDITOR: Getting hospitalists (and medical staff) up to speed
August 2010

COVER STORY: What's your ROI?

Q&A: COPD: (not) evidence-based care

Q&A: How safe are you from malpractice claims?

FEATURE: Sleep apnea: not just an outpatient problem any more

COMMENTARY: Suing hospitalists

CODING TIPS: Still scribbling? Watch your payments shrivel

ANALYSIS: Getting the most out of the humble whiteboard

WHAT WORKS: The big payoff with virtual telemetry

PROFILE: Some speed for summer

MARKETPLACE: Dr. Sudoku: making scheduling manageable

NEWS BRIEFS: Do you report impaired colleagues?

FROM THE EDITOR: Does better value mean more money?
July 2010

COMMENTARY: My growing list of initials

COVER STORY: Success with midlevels: How does your group stack up?

FEATURE: Getting creative with compensation

FEATURE: C. difficile, not MRSA, is now the leading pathogen in some hospitals

CODING TIPS: Making sure your patients stay admitted

Q&A: Obesity: avoiding the "teachable moment"

ANALYSIS: Warfarin dosing: Any role for genetic testing?

WHAT WORKS: Who are you going to call?

FROM THE EDITOR: No shortcuts to success with midlevels
June 2010

COVER STORY: Having problems finding your patients?

ON THE WARDS: Strategies for dealing with drug-seeking patients

FEATURE: The brave new world of information technology

FEATURE: Neurologic fallout in ICU patients

CODING TIPS: How should you bill an AMA discharge?

ANALYSIS: Preventing inpatient suicides

COMMENTARY: Where's the beef?

PROFILE: Opting for experience in a young physicians' field

NEWS BRIEFS: Early follow-up cuts heart failure readmissions

FROM THE EDITOR: Thriving on chaos, or settling down?
May 2010

COVER STORY: Hospitals want more from their hospitalists. Will your group survive?

FEATURE: Common mistakes in treating acute heart failure (and what to do differently)

ON THE WARDS: "Hey, are you the no-doc doc tonight?"

POLL: A look at hospitalist benefits

CODING TIPS: Translating a diagnosis into RVUs

Q&A: Exposing "blind spots" in diabetes screening

COMMENTARY: Welcome to New Jersey—again

MARKETPLACE: Is a hospital medicine fellowship right for you?

WHAT WORKS: Directing traffic

FROM THE EDITOR: Is your hospital married to your hospitalist program?
April 2010

COVER STORY: Are you happy?

FEATURE: The anticoagulation standoff

PEDIATRICS: Making the move from IV to PO antibiotics

CODING TIPS: The finer points of billing for observation

ANALYSIS: Thinking like a geriatrician

WHAT WORKS: Making deep cuts in ED response time

COMMENTARY: "You might be a hospitalist ... "

PROFILE: A hospitalist as FP-in-chief

NEWS BRIEFS: Med rec errors rampant at admission

LETTERS: Working with midlevels: another view

FROM THE EDITOR: Going mobile
March 2010

COVER STORY: Direct admissions: VIP treatment or risky business?

FEATURE: Say what? Issues with hospital interpreters

FEATURE: Cold front moving in

CODING TIPS: Uncompleted procedures? Here’s how to bill

Q&A: Working with midlevels: a new note of caution

WHAT WORKS: Taking the scut work out of comanagement

POLL: A look at hospitalist bonuses and incentives

COMMENTARY: One person’s trash is another one’s gold

PROFILE: The hospitalist as impresario

NEWS BRIEFS: High mortality rates found for stroke patients

FROM THE EDITOR: The debate over direct admissions
February 2010

COVER STORY: Need to calm down a frustrated patient?

FEATURE: Anemia: not just an outpatient problem anymore

FEATURE: Health-plan hospitalists cut readmissions—by sometimes leaving the hospital

CODING TIPS: Confused when billing concurrent care?

Q&A: Conflicting evidence on beta-blockers

POLL: A look at hospitalist coding patterns

WHAT WORKS: Embedding a hospitalist in the ED

COMMENTARY: 2020 vision

LETTERS: "Glorified housestaff" revisited

FROM THE EDITOR: Hospital medicine’s evolution into post-acute care
January 2010

COVER STORY: Consult codes are going away (we think)

FEATURE: What's new in pneumonia care

FEATURE: Making sure information doesn't fall through the cracks


CODING TIPS: The new year's big news in coding: ICD-9 codes for gout, embolism, thrombosis, and emotional state

COMMENTARY: Reconsidering patients who go AMA

ANALYSIS: Pending test results go AWOL

WHAT WORKS: Pairing physicians for better communication

LETTERS: ICH turf, "glorified housestaff?"

POLL: A look at growth in hospitalist group staffing

NEWS BRIEFS: The growing threat from CA MRSA

FROM THE EDITOR: Shifting finances: the shape of things to come?
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